Friday, April 23, 2010

Crazy Spring makes Me Sprung

Gentle Readers: 
My day was filled with sooo many good intentions. Wanted to clean house, walk the dog, take some photos, and get some items up in the etsy shop (been meaning to do this for months, now)  do some laundry, and go thrifting. Well aside from a DELICIOUS late afternoon nap, the only thing checked off the list is the latter. The very latter. The thrifting. 

Yes. quite a jaunt. A new/old friend of mine and I took a little trip to the lovable town of Woodland, California and hit their thrift stores. All along the main street you'll find a handful of thrift shops scattered randomly about. There's usually a half-off sale going on someplace, or all places, and if you're lucky, which I usually am, you'll find arm-loads of goodies for pennies on the dollar. 
Today: not-so-lucky. My haul was modest: a linen top, a vintage b/w print polyester shirt, a pair of brand new leopard print wedges. 

Until....we hit the town of Wessie, and little Ms. Sunshine hit paydirt at the Goodwill! The piece-de-resistance? (ok, I didn't resist, much) A GEE-ORGIOUS 1950's vintage oatmeal colored wool cape with a double decker fur collar.        
L-O-V-E-L-Y.  Of course, one can't wear this until next winter, but I'm patient! Actually I'm not, but Sactown is too warm to try to pull off thick wool anything, much less put it on.

Here's where I should post the pictures of my vintage treasure, AND today's outfit. 

< insert photo here>

But I took a nap instead, a long, drowsy, sun-soaked, cat and puppy heaped-up-on-me, nap. 

It was a very good day.

There's always tommorrow. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll show you some of my finds. 
xo. -Bella Q
(photo: New York Times)


tobes said...

absolutely love that skirt so much!! somethign i would wear ! ^_^
ah, yes we are all in need of a nap sometime especailly me i've just finished some revision for my exmas in may! lol only a quater of it
but any way you takes care and can't wait to see those pictures :)
xo tobes

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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