Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday's event far exceeded my expectations. There was a strong turn-out, full of friendly faces. The handful of sellers got to know each other, many of them selling their wares for the first time. Music played in the background while people came and went, and it felt great to be around so many good souls who love vintage & hand-mades. Quite a handful of new acquaintances were made & I'm looking forward in getting to know all of you. It was a looooong day. It was a good day.

I can not thank enough all the wonderful people who came and enjoyed the Bespoked/ Be Quiet Vintage Fashion Bazaar. Thank you for your support! I would like to thank all the amazing artists/artisitans/ vintage fools who provided the beautiful items for sale. I'd like to thank the lovely music stylings of the Master Bastard who laid down some great mellow yet upbeat tunes. For all those who stepped up and helped make this event really special: THANK-YOU! 

I of course, made out like a bandit! I came home with so many amazing goodies, and I can't wait to show you. Handmade rings, awesome vintage, a gorgeous hand-made hat, a lace collar, a unique necklace, a frog, and... FEATHERED EARRINGS!!!! Expect to see some amazing jewelry shown in some of my future outfit.

Until then I'm taking a day off. Gonna chill for the day and get a little R&R. See you in a few, and until then: BLOOM MADLY.
                                                                                                            -Bella Q


stylenuggets said...

Oh wow. That must have been so much fun. Glad it all went well. Looking forward to some great posts featuring your purchases.

The Book of Right-On said...

Hola Citizen R.Bud. Sounds like a good day-rather jealous! There a few better ways to spend a day than having a good old rifle around loads of beautfil wares! Like the pics of the stuff you were selling below... Do you sell any of it online? Look forward to checking out your steals in future posts! Ele fro BORO x

Anonymous said...

Nice pic!

Emily said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! Enjoy your day off :) I cannot wait to see some of your finds in future posts!

Marta said...

seems that you had a busy, but great day! you look so beautiful!

luciana said...

Thank you so much. That's so wonderful to hear, you're really nice. I love this post :)
Greetings, Luci :-* I follow you!