Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Mojo of Rojo

Red brings heat, makes flower,
and romances the heart.

Aye. There is magic in the color red. The flame of blossom, the lion's roar of Life. Red brings heat, makes flower, and romances the heart. Red is a literal come-hither, always in the foreground, bleeding confrontation, whilst the greens, the blues, the violets wait like wallflowers in the background of a picture plane.  Red is immediate presence,  commandeering a room; the color of forward motion, of conquest & enticements, irrefutable, undeniable. Blatantly remarkable, this red. Unrepentantly desirable. 

Photos credits: Advanced Style, Unknown, Style Bubble, The Sartorialist, Rococo Vintage

Monday, March 29, 2010

I betcha think this post is about you....

Random pictures plucked from the information-super-highway. Borrowed from other people's blogs, yet combined they are uniquely Citizen Rosebud. Funny how life is, a series of windfalls, pratfalls & jackpots. Not to get all Forrest Gump on you, but it really is what you make it. I like my life lavish with color, saturated with color and accented with color. I guess you could say I like color. But I said it first.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Princess, Who?

 You've probably seen them before if you're reading this. Various mysteriously sourced and rated "Blog Awards," that fellow bloggers pass on to eachother, which is has a nice passing it forward feel to it, and helps knit a sense of community. Last week I was a proud recipient and bestower of the Happiness 101 award, and the next day I received this Princess award from the very principled and wonderful EYE of the Orchid Style blog ( I'm am very honored by Eye's mention, but have felt a bit uncomfortable with the title of the award.

For you see, this Miss Bella never wanted to play princess. I grew up on fairy tales, and loved them, the old school kind, the Brothers Grimm to the brim and Hans Christian Anderson kind, and I really liked the surreal dark world they conjured. To be honest there wasn't a whole lot of happy endings, well, at least happy endings that didn't come with a price. So this pepto-pink wash on everything girlish brand of Princess is something I never did relate to. Honestly: why would I want to be a snivelling and helpless princess when I'd rather be QUEEN?

Like a Queen in Chess: cut-throat, goes everywhere on the chessboard and is THEE major bad-ass. A royal bad-ass. I like THAT kind of royalty.

Ari, my cool, tall glass of water neighbor, who is a bad-ass woman studies major just turned me onto an interesting website called Fallen Princesse ( )  where photographer Dina Goldstein did a series exploring the real-life outcome of the princesses found in fairytales.

One of the most iconic images of the series depicts a harried Snow White as housefrau:

Before you think I'm ungrateful, let me thank my Hamburg helper and fellow blogger, Eye for thinking of me. Thank-you. I'm happy to have found you and enjoy reading your blog. I hope others enjoy reading your blog too  (shameless plug): But I am no princess. I much prefer power over pamper, and don't need a default handsome Prince to rescue me. Let me bestow upon all of you the sincere wish that you never need a prince to save you...because...GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Meg to Dress Up

My pal Megan and her amazing blog (and legs) got a mention here at Refinery29.  Which doesn't surprise me because she has mad, mad style and always has a fresh spin on wearing the vintage. I know I've mentioned her before, but seriously, if you haven't added her to your blogroll, please take a moment and do it now. You can find her and her wonderful outfit posts on her blog: Another Day to Dress Up, via blogspot.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hair Envy

I want this hair cut. This woman has so much gamine style, I can't help but love her. Of course, in my internet surfing frenzy, I forgot to note where I got this incredible picture, so if anybody knows, please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due. I love the bowl-cut style, the super clean lines of the hair-cut and the way it frames her lovely face. She gets bonus points for the killer eye-liner.


JOYCE is delighted to announce a truly unique charity program in aid of UNICEF, a collaboration with critically-acclaimed fashion label Rodarte, luxury brand SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and famous actress Maggie Cheung. Rodarte designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have handmade four one-of-a-kind creations specifically for this charitable initiative. Each piece is inspired by Maggie Cheung and references one of her films: In the Mood for Love, Hero, Clean, and Heroic Trio. The four stunning pieces have been captured in a short film by Wing Shya with music by Peter Kam. For every click of the short film on YouTube from now to 31 March 2010, JOYCE will donate HK$1 to UNICEF.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Sucker for Seersucker

I L-O-V-E this little outfit. Found it while cruising the halls of Keeping the ol' eye balls peeled for new spring trends, something to love, other than the already collected bouquets of floral prints, the cool Miami-Vice-On-Ice pastel cotton collections, and the de-rigeur vintage denims. 

Hello, seersucker.

I've always loved this cool classic print, which takes me back to  a hot summer of my youth: Woodland, California, 1979. A mere child then, but already crazy about my own brand of fashion. I  met my soul mate that summer in a pair of Sasson brand seersucker pants that were baggy on the hips, tight on the ankles, and far, far away from farm-town/rodeo boot legs or backwater bell bottoms  still populating the Main Street of Small-towns-ville.  To my wide-eyed and tiny world vista, they reeked of oooh-la-la. I might as well be in Paris  chomping on a baguette and wearing a beret, they seemed so big city chic. LOL. They were on the clearance rack and the salesclerk cut me a deal for $10 bucks. And since then, I've always been a sucker for the seersucker. 
"I  met my soul mate that summer in a pair of Sasson brand seersucker pants that were baggy on the hips, tight on the ankles, and far, far away from farm-town/rodeo boot legs or backwater bell bottoms  still populating the Main Street of Small-towns-ville."
The model above is about as far removed from the preppy origins of seersucker, and  that  late '70's prime pair of Sasson pants as you can get, yet the look of the this Spring 2010 top is classic. I  really like the quirky pairing of these A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E short-shorts with the sweet ruffles along the hem. Would I like to get a hold of a pair of these bloomer style bottoms? Abso-phucking-lutely. Soooooooo  perfect for a languid summer. I'm even a bit crushed out on the thigh-high socks and the flat-flats. Very cooly casual, altogether something a grrl could feel comfortable traipsing about in the real world. Yes, m'am, I'll take the whole outfit, lock, stockings and barrel. Spring has sprung, and I'm sprung on this look.

Take a peek of the entire Organic by John Patrick collection here.
As for the original 1979 Sasson sample, I think they are best kept to memory. Here's a commercial of the era: 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Michael O'Comedy

 This cigar chomping gent is a pal o' mine who happens to be quite a funny guy. But looks aren't everything...(but-omp-bump) Kidding aside, Michael O'Connell REALLY is a funny guy. Which comes in handy when he's on stage, considering he's become a comedian.  He went onstage for the first time as a comic at the beginning of this year, for an comedy open mic, and he WON!

So far, he's won a few rounds of a local comedy competition at Tommy T's in Roseville, California. Lately he's been also frequenting one of my favorite downtown spots, Luna's Cafe, which has a comedy night every Wednesday, hosted by the incredibly handsome and witty Keith Lowell Jensen (and yes, he paid me to say that.)

When Michael isn't playing comic on stage, or smoking a cigar, he's probably writing. You can find him on a number of blogs, including his "official" website, You can also read his late-night rantings on his "official" blog, Michael O'Blogger.  By now it's probably pretty obvious: Mike's a proud Irish-American. There are other obvious things, too, like what a natural he is on stage, doing his comedy bit.

For the local yokels, I really hope you get a chance to see him in action. 
You can view Michael O'Connell's upcoming shows on his comedy website,

For my out-of-towners, I took the liberty of posting a YOUtube video of a bit that was filmed from a recent show. Hope you like.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Hairs

  1. n
    an old lady, especially one whose hair is tinted blue. : The cruise was nice but sort of dull because of all the bluehairs aboard.

Once upon a time, Blue Hairs were little old ladies who knitted scarves & slippers for their grand-children, tended roses and came in for tea. They sipped delicately out of family china and tittered like birds about the follies of youth. Nowadays, it's all mixed up. And I think in a good way.

 A "Blue Hair" nowadays just as easily references a person who has literally dyed their hair blue, ala punk-rock, peacock hues of blue, electric.

Oh, kids these days.
 And recently said kids are moving past the rockarolla and finding new ways to look bold. Take the latest trend of young fashionistas bleaching out their hair, beyond platinum. White hair seems to be the new/old blonde, and you'll find it on heads just a few dimes into a century. Some, such as the 14-year old wunderkind, Tavi G of the Style Rookie, excitedly dyed her hair a pale white/blue, resembling a very sprite old soul, and even dressing like a "Blue Hair,"  adorable granny style.

Once upon a time Blue Hairs were little old ladies who knitted scarves & slippers for their grandchildren, tended roses and came in for tea. 

But this little cupcake is not "old timey" in the least, but  a precocious fashion prodigy who is  fashion foward. Look it up in the dictionary under the definiton of "the future of fashion" and you'll probably find Tavi's picture. 

And speaking of the future, I predict you're going to LOVE my newest favorite fashion blog.  Stalking the stylish streets of New York, a certain Ari Cohen snaps pictures of the stylish folks who are, uh,  shall we say mature? Oh, and YOU know I'm loving this! As I've said before, one doesn't have to be a 14-year old model off duty to illustrate freaky-steely in our post-modern world. 
So let me introduce to you, the incredible street style blog of Advanced Style, where there is "proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age." You can be inspired daily at


Friday, March 19, 2010

Window Shopping: American Apparel

Sweat-shop free, and innovative marketing. American Apparel makes cotton basics anything but. Recently I went perusing on their website (I really want their new Look Book) and found a handful of items that would improve my life dramatically. Ok, I exaggerate, but these are clever additions to  my what-to-wear list. 

Brogues/Oxfords. These are a must have item for summer. I already have a lovely vintage white pair, but want black leather brogues. American Apparel has two offerings of these beautiful basics, both made in the USA. 
American Apparel makes cotton basics anything but.

 Nautical Striped Sweater. Oooooh-fucking-La! This sweater is so adorable it makes my teeth hurt. And would go so great with my denim bubble skirt and "jeggings." And pretty my entire "Mayflower" red, white and blue ensembles that I usually wear all summer. 

Lace trimmed biker shorts. I wear short skirts and dresses but am a girl of modest means. Meaning I have modesty and always put on a pair of bloomers or shorts beneath my high hems. These shorts would be great to wear under a breezy mini, or paired with a long T-shirt or sweater.

Polka-Dot Body Suit. What a great layering device this little bathing beauty could be. I've always liked wearing body suits as they are incredibly versatile, and this polka-dotted number would wear so well underneath so many of my things!

Dear Reader: What would YOU want from American Apparel this spring?

Thursday, March 18, 2010 a warm SUN

So happy. My first blog award, and from one of my favorite bloggers to boot. If you get a moment, check out Megg's blog, Another Day to Dress Up. She has the most adorable style, is a serious vintage maven and comes up with incredible outfits! No wonder she's on Lookbook, Chictopia, among others.

So part of the duties of a newly awarded Happy 101 blogger is to share ten things that you might not know about me, and that makes me happy. So here it goes, in no particular order: Happiness on a Stick in 10 easy sound-bites.
Sunshine. I love sunny days!  Sunlight always improves my mood.
  1. Ice Cream. One of my favorite things in life is ice cream. YUM.
  2. My dear ol' D. I met my sweet boyfriend when I was a very young girl, a freshman in college. While we've only been dating the last 2 plus years, I like the fact that we've known each other for over 25. We always have such a good time together: lots of laughs and always good food and conversations.
  3. Dappled light. One of my favorite things ever is to ride my bike down the long stretch of avenues in Sactown, where grand old elms line the streets and provide the most wondrous dappled light. My heart sings with joy whenever I'm under such soft and variagated sunlight.
  4. Wildflowers. My favorite flowers are those that bloom in some weedy environment, like a crack of a sidewalk. Or randomly in lawns:  tiny wild violets, and those lovely bell-like flowers that bloom every spring in everybody's front lawn. Whenever I see a life grasping a foothold and flourish, I am filled with happiness. 
  5. Blue & White transfer ware. I LOVE to collect old china, all kinds: cups, saucers, pitchers, plates, as long as its in cobalt blue and white. Hand-painted or transfer ware, Blue Willow, Oriental Lily or random Delft, it don't matter, I love them all.  My house is filled to the brim with my lifetime obsession of porcelain. Even outside: whenever I break a dish, I can't bear to discard it, so I toss it out into my garden!
  6. Movies. LOVE film. I do.
  7. Coffee table books & magazines. I love to look through the pages of a beautifully illustrated book and glossy magazines. Few things in life are as relaxing as a cup of tea, or sip of spirit and the enjoyable viewing of bookish and beautiful eye-candy
  8. Blogging. Really.
  9. Caramel corn. Oh the guilty happiness found in a sweetened kernel. I loves me some caramel corn!

    I'd like to pass this Happy Blogger Award to some of my favorite bloggers: EQUINE BOVINE, wierzbowawitka, kiwaczkowe zycie, and Vlad the IMBlogger
So the Happy Blogger 101 Award goes to 5 wonderful bloggers:

My dear amiga, Kerry D of EQUINE BOVINE
The lovely Marta of wierzbowawitka

The vivacious Kasia of  kiwaczkowe zycie   
& last but NOT least, my high school chum, 
Vlado @

EDIT: I forgot to mention a fifth blogger! LOL. Well, Emily of Pamja Libra, are you up for it? Pamja Libra: the look book

I hope you take a moment and check out their latest rantings, and it makes YOU happy!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Lake Jubal

Kristy Green is one of those people who make you feel amazing the moment she sets her eyes on you. She is the type of soul who exist to savor life and the people in in hers. These pictures were taken in a  Roseville Goodwill thrift store, and while they do not capture all of our amazing scores there, I hope they convey a sense of joy, because that is how I felt shopping there with Kristy Green. 

She was wearing thee coolest T-shirt, a vintage cap-sleeve t-shirt that had fuzzy lettering in the front that spelled out: Visit Lake Jubal. Now before you google Lake Jubal, let me share with you the story Kristy relayed about her shirt. She didn't "find" it, nor did Kristy buy it. It had been given to her; she had had this shirt since she was a kid, and has loved it sooo much that she has kept it, like forever, and forever is at least a half of handful of decades, me thinks. 

Family friends had a country home with lots of land and they loved to invite their pals over to just hang out (I'm guessing this is the '70's) and there was a small wood, and some meadows, and in one of those meadows a huge indentation that would fill up with rain water during the rainy season and become a very large puddle. Well a funny friend had these T-shirts made up for the friends and family and visitors that would visit the Jubals (for that was their name), and the very large puddle that sometimes lived in a meadow became Lake Jubal.

  there was a small wood, and some meadows, and in one of those meadows a huge indentation that would fill up with rain water during the rainy season and become a very large puddle.

So this doesn't have much to do with fashion, but everything to do with clothes. The clothes we wear say something about the wearer.  Some people advertise labels, wearing their "luxury" branded scarves, bags, wallets, shoes, perfumes. Other advertise their values, politics or ethics by the choices made in what they wear. How things are worn, are also telling: some people value only the newest, the latest, the shiniest, while other folks value the memories preserved in a garment. Clothing says something. Sometimes most literally, like, "Visit Lake Jubal." And the message is loud & clear: style crafted from personal connection, and appreciation of not just the history of the garment, but the nostalgic memories of the person wearing it. Clothes may make the man, but the man makes the memories.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ladybird & the LBD

Once upon a time there was a classy lass, and we'll call her Ladybird. Now Ladybird Johnston really enjoyed dressing up, but she didn't care much for trendy trends. She liked classic, and seemed very good at finding ways to dress up a good classic little black dress so it never looked boring. Ladybird detested boring. 
She opened up her closet and selected a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l vintage satin rose-embossed shift dress and put it on.
So on this day, which was a day that lived on the border between a California winter and a California spring day, was a rainy day, but that didn't stop our little Miss Ladybird! She opened up her closet and selected a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l vintage satin rose-embossed shift dress and put it on. She paired it with a simple strand of pearlies, some delectable floral fishnets and a 1960's era wool cloche hat. She grabbed the nearest jet-black vintage parasol/umbrella to protect her lovliness in case of a downpour. And she went out for a walk. 

The clouds, which up until this point had been rumbling overhead, and milling about like gloomy hooligans looking for lunch money, started to break up, and let some of the just-about-winter/almost spring sun come through and tip his hat to the lovely Miss Ladybird. The afternoon sky took on the hue of a blue watercolor. "Must be time for tea," she said as she made a bee-line towards her favorite tea-shop. "I'm feeling a bit for Ooolong."

Nothing beats the greys like a Little Black Dress.

Clothing provide and styled by the Citizen Rosebud
Model: Tracie "Ladybird" Johnston
Photo credits: Ernest Leyva

Ginger (SNAP)

Snapped this Ginger Grrl a while back all dolled up as a "Cherry Blossom Girl." Tracie is quite fun to photograph and looks great in vintage! Here she is again, looking a bit more contemporary, but you know what? (what?) Half this outfit IS vintage, and it's the best bits of her entire look.

Her top is a peach of a find, a lovely vintage bed jacket, with quilted cuffs and collar. Only these days, it seems a waste to confine it to the bedchamber, as it is perfect for looking adorable while running some errands. And that incredible bag is vintage too. The handbag belongs to our visiting model, and this Citizen had some serious bag envyover it. 

Tracie had a sweet story behind it too: it once belonged to her beloved grandma who was an avid knitter.  This was once one of her many knitter's bag, holding her latest knitting projects, some yarn and those knitting sticks (which I'm sure is not the correct term for them.) But in this day and age, a former bed-jacket and retired craft bag make wonderful additions to  our day-to-day attire.

Citizen Rosebud model: Tracie Johnston
Photo credits: Ernest Leyva

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cobalt Creatures

The right of Spring. The creature above is an invitation to bloom madly this March.  Are you feeling it? My closet is slowly veering from wooly & practical greys, blacks, and staid black/white prints to a slow burning explosion of color. Pinks. Emeralds. Cobalts. Florals, Tribal-prints, and Miami Vice pastels and gasp! Denim. Two words: Pencil-leg Over-alls. I'll let you discuss it amongst yourselves.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Color Makes Me Happy

Plucked from the internet, these colorful creatures and place make me certain that life is good.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy Heart

Meet the B.F.F. 

Her name is Kelly Moore and she's been styling since 1988. Well, that's when I met her. We struck up a friendship because we liked each other's boots. Pretty much all I wore back then, cowboy boots or Doc Marten's. Good times. My ankles never saw the light of day for over a decade. 

Although we have very different styles, we do share an ardent love for "costuming," which goes beyond fashion. And over the years, we've watched each other's style evolve and change. She's been a most careful witness to many of my fashion don'ts! 

No stranger to style herself, Kelly is too busy to start her own "What-I-wore" blog, which is a shame because in real life she looks a bit like a movie starlet

No stranger to style herself, Kelly is too busy to start her own "What-I-wore" blog, which is a shame because in real life she looks a bit like a movie starlet and LOVES to dress up. But Ms. Moore is too busy being an High School teacher (She teaches honors English and Creative Writing,) and raising her two beautiful teen-aged girls. And, I suspect, in spite of her re-known vanity, is afraid of the camera. 

So it falls upon yours truly to squeeze a few photos of her and some of her starlet style. These were taken last night outside the Shady Lady and the Back Door.

What are you wearing?
     "I am wearing a peacock blue cami from Express and a sweater by "Monique" from the cute section upstairs in Macy's. My jeans are by Seven, and my boots are from Nordstom's. They are Fryes, but I don't remember the style's name. I like my boots best...because I love boots! (And these boots make every outfit cute."

What are you biggest style influences?
     "My southern roots influence my style the most. lately, I've been listening to old country: Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Charlie Price. you just wanna throw on a good pair of boots after you listen to that music."

Oh yeah, we both share a love for Frye boots. So I moseyed on over to the Frye website ( and looked up her style of boot. I believe the name of them is the Jane Stitch. The Jane 14 L Stitch to be exact, and you can order them here. I also did a little window shopping at the Frye store, and picked out some other selections that would work great with her  Crazy Heart  country-themed ensemble.  A side of Fryes, hold the bacon:

1) Catrin Trapunto in brown. 2) Hutch Pull-On in blue.  3) Erin Workboot in natural.


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