Tuesday, September 6, 2011

outfit post: Pomba Gira

"From cicadas and stones, words want to be born.
But the poet lives alone in a corridor of moons."
Wearing my new 2ETN red/black necklace, from the festival collection
Girl of the Crossroads: This time in my life has presented itself with some interesting opportunities, and one of them is my upcoming trip to New York to attend the IFB (short for Independent Fashion Bloggers) Conference in NYC on September 7th. I am thrilled that I'll be able to meet many of my favorite bloggers while there: Jennine Jacob of The Coveted (and founder of IFB,) Vahni of Grit & Glamour, Anika of By Anika, Elyssa of Dress With Courage, and the ever handsome Brazilian/Aussie street style photographer, Lee Oliveira. I may even be lucky enough to meet one of my all time faves, the gorgeous Barbro Andersen!

As you read this, I may be on route to the Big Apple. This will be my first trip to New York, and as you can imagine, looking forward to it is an understatement. I like to thank my sponsors and patrons who have helped make this trip possible, and YOU, dear readers for cheering me on. 

I'll keep you posted. I'm even going to publish a link for the live-streaming of the IFB conference so even if you can't make it, you can watch it. 

Until next time....

 MUCH LOVE! -Bella Q
Wearing one of my favorite color combos: black, white and red.
Now Wearing: 
  • thrifted red knit cap
  • hearts for eyes
  • altered cotton swiss dot sundress
  • altered cotton plaid blazer
  • 2ETN red/black stone necklace (festival collection)
  • bead cuff, Scout Living 
  • my favorite shoes, Heart Boutique
I love you small like one who wants MORE
like one who guesses everything:
wolf, moon, fox and ancestors.
Say of me: You are mine.

Amo-te mínima como quem quer MAIS
Como quem tudo adivinha:
Lobo, lua, raposa e ancestrais.
Dize de mim: És minha.
translation: Lavina Saad
Brazilian Poetry in Translation


Liesl said...

Loving red on you and how adorable are you in fun! Have safe travels to NYC...oh how I love that city and miss living there! Tell the Big Apple I say hello, and I hope your first visit there is a wonderful one!

Liesl :)

JTWisdom said...

Red looks great on you and your shoes are cool. That's awesome you get to go to New York and meet in person the fabulous bloggers you mentioned. Safe trip to New York and back home to Sacramento.

mispapelicos said...

You will be my eyes and my soul there, please, please hug everybody twice, one for you and one for me.
Love you.

Anupriya DG said...

Oh Bella! Red ALWAYS looks sooooo gorgeous on you!!! <3

Wish I could accompany you to the IFB conference......I'm feeling excited just sitting here & thinking of all my fav people out there under one roof! Do keep us less-fortunate ones posted......& have a gala time!!!! :))

Unknown said...

Have a BLAST Bella girly! What an experience! Traveling hugs! ~Serene

Unknown said...

You always look amazing in red Bella dear!! This is such a great halter dress that you wear gorgeously. Yay for your trip to NYC!! I picked a new Mac over attending IFB conference this season, but I hope you can attend again in Fevruary so that we can meet!

sylvia @ 40PlusStyle said...

I love this outfit on you. The red looks gorgeous and I love the combination with the black and white. Enjoy IFB! I look forward to reading about your experiences.

Anonymous said...

NYC is going to blow your mind. Have fun, soak it all in and fill us in on all the details when you get home.

Safe travels,


Gabrielle said...

best of luck in nyc. have fun at ifb- it's so awesome to see your fave bloggers face to face.\


paulawannacracker said...

Have a blast in Nueva York. BTW--- you look great in Red and I see alot of resemblence to the Rodriguez and Soliz clan.

Just saying.

Susan Tiner said...

Say hello to NYC for me!

I love that plaid jacket, tres chic. And red is the best color ever.

Sasha Maria said...

Ah! Exciting trip to NYC! Have a fantastic time!

Marie said...

How exciting! I am envious, it's sure to be fabulous.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

The Closet Shopper said...

WHOA! I'm wearing all red today too!!

Have fun in NYC. Represent!


WendyB said...

Looking forward to seeing ya!

Prissy said...



Unknown said...

I know you will love NY and NY will love you! Have fun and thanks for reppin' Sactown for us out there! Love ya, safe travels!!!

Daisy said...

Love the red dress with checkered contrast! xx

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Best of luck and have a blast with everyone in NYC! And, as I am having a thing for red too, may I just say you are looking absolutely FAB! xxx

Anonymous said...

"a corridor of moons" shall echo in my mind until I have your first report from NYC!

Adrienne said...

Very excited for you, have fun! I am sure there will be plenty of bloggers looking forward to meeting you as well :)


The Style Crone said...

You really know how to make a hat shine, and this red and plaid combo look great on you. So excited to follow your NYC adventure.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful dress ... it's perfect on you! :o)

Have fun and be safe in NYC! You are so lucky to go there! It's one of my dreams to see that city one day.

Style Chic 360 said...

I love the red!
I want that hat and your tats! cute!

Stacey said...

Red suits you wonderfully! I love the hat (and the dress, and everything else for that matter).


You look stunning in red/blk/white & I'm enjoying seeing all of the images of all of you, I wish that I could be there soooo bad, enjoy the rest of your time in NYC lovely! xo

Anonymous said...

Hello my beautiful Bella! I hope you're having a great time in NYC. I am so sad that I was not able to attend but so happy my favorite bloggers had a chance to meet each other. Hope to hear from you soon.


Luna Tiger said...

This outfit is gorgeous and stylish !

Lisa said...

looking fabulous. how was new york?