Saturday, September 3, 2011

outfit post: Skirt as Dress

The last time I wore this spotty number was last March. You can peek at it HERE. It is a vintage rayon tiered skirt that I converted into a sundress. By converted I mean I hand-sewed darts where my boobs go, so it is slightly fitted on top while being loose and comfy everywhere else. Do you like it? 

Vintage rayon is incredible. It is super breathable and cooling for hot Sacramento summer days. I've said it before but you can't layer in the summertime here, it is much to warm. Outfits get stripped down to the essentials: in this case hat, sunnies, dress, booties and uh, bolo tie. This is my newest find from the swanky Goodwill Boutique that opened in Midtown recently. I am digging my bolo.

Do I look cool as a cucumber? I'm feeling pretty chilled out.

I spy: is there a D.I.Y. craft group in the bushes? Why am I looking over there? Who knows.
Sacramento style in the Summertime means comfortable and creative outfits. Boots are included.
Kari, the fashion goddess who heads the Sacramento based website, Juniper James recently posted about the shirt as dress TWICE. You can read about her crafty projects HERE and HERE.

Now Wearing: 
  • vintage 1960's Italian straw hat
  • I Heart You sunglasses, Freestyle Clothing Exchange
  • vintage JFK coin bolo tie, Goodwill Boutique
  • D.I.Y. strapless sundress, converted from a  vintage skirt
  • vintage Dingo cowboy booties


Anonymous said...

I'm currently in the process of altering a dress that I'm transforming into a skirt! Can't wait to share it.

Here in Miami it's also way too warm to layer. That's why I cannot wait for fall. It's almost here!

xoxo. loving your hat

Unknown said...

I have totally done the skirt as a dress thing! it just WORKS sometimes... and it's making more use of your clothes! i have been battling with rayon lately... as far as washing it and making sure it doesn't shrink... i am getting leery of the fabric.

mispapelicos said...

I always love what you wear, my dear friend. I hope the shop is doing well and you can go to N.Y. first class.

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

I love this dress! Sooo cute!

DeniseAngela said...

I love this dress.....such a fun fabric!

Patti said...

Love the dress/skirt AND the bolo!

Susan Tiner said...

The dress is great, and I love the bolo tie. I know what you mean about breathable rayon, but I had no idea vintage rayon was more breathable than what's available now. I live on the Peninsula, and it usually too hot for me here to layer, though it's probably 10-15 degrees cooler here than in Sacramento. It's hard to dress stylishly in warm weather!

Stacey said...

I love the skirt/dress - I wouldn't have guessed that it wasn't orginally a dress. The bolo tie is a cute accessory as well.

P.S. If there is a craft group that meets in the bushes, then I have to join it!

Adrienne said...

It is waayyy too hot to layer in Nashville as well, I men 103 degrees hot. I thought I was getting a break when I moved from Florida hee hee.

I love this dress, the colorful dots make me happy :)


Equine Bovine said...

freaking adorable!!!!!!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Gorgeous dress, it works really well in its new incarnation! xx

Veshoevius said...

Haha great skirt-dress! Love your hat too - you have such a great hat collection.

Unknown said...

It looks great as a dress :) youd never guess it was a skirt. Looking great as always Chica xx

Kara Endres said...

I've always wanted to try wearing a skirt as a dress, but I don't have any that would work. This is really cute- I never would have thought it used to be a skirt. Love the polka dots too.

Bonnie said...

I love seeing such versatility in a piece. Wearing a skirt as a dress is a good idea that I think would really work for me considering that I am the size of a munchkin.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Daisy said...

Versatile pieces are great! Makes for completely different outfits with just one piece!

Katie Perry has heaps of things that can be worn different ways - Manhattan top/dress, two way scarf, etc! You should check it out :)

Also her fb page has heaps of offers exclusive to fans only!

Keep up the outfit posts! xx

Sasha Maria said...

Ah the power of long skirts. One of my favorite edgy but quickly chic dresses is actually a maxi skirt I bought in 8th grade for completion ceremony. True story! Needless to say that I am a fan of reusing clothing in any cool way.

Unknown said...

Very pretty colorful dress -- looks fab on you!

Vintage rayon is awesome! We find a quite a few rayon clothes in the charity shops here in Roseville. My mother tends to collect them! They work really well when we travel to our native country, Sri Lanka because it's hot and humid there.

I'm always looking for a rayon dress these days. Haven't found one yet. I wish I could convert a skirt to a dress like you did here but I'm too busty. :o(

Anonymous said...

This is a really fun look! Strapless dresses never work for me--to push my wheelchair, my upper body needs to be able to move, and strapless tops or dresses just want to slide down when it does. As much as I like the look, I've had to realize that it's just not for me. :)

Jenmarie said...

You did a fantastic job turning this skirt into a dress! I've turned a dress into a skirt before in my store but didn't end up buying the piece. Still, it's fun to re-create!

Heather Fonseca said...

Are there really places where you can layer in the Summer? Right now it's so darn hot in LA I've got the AC on at night. During the day I'm doing good to wear a top, skirt and sandals. It's too hot even for a bolo tie! Everyone else is posting all these cute Fall looks. I feel so left out. Glad I'm not alone!