Thursday, October 6, 2011

outfit post: Plaid + Leopard, Western Style

The best way out
of a difficulty is through it.
Will Rogers
She's so Country: Plaid and Leopard frolic in the Old West
Plaid + Leopard + Bolo = Citizen Badass
Well don't say I didn't warn you. I told you that this season, PLAID was going to replace my polka dots. And you know I like to mix the polka dot with leopard. After delighting in the plaid/animal mixes of Sacramento and Desiree, I decided to do a little mixin' myself, western style. 

Plaid, meet Leopard. I think you two will like each other.

I'm liking my vintage JFK bolo tie picked up for a (cowboy) song at our downtown Goodwill boutique. I think I forked out a five spot for it. AND worth every penny. Or in this case, a 50 cent piece.

I am LOVING my new brown ankle boots freshly bought from Target! Made of genuine, uh, man made materials (my rational is that they will be my rain boots) these slickery booties have great character and came with an easy-to-take-home price tag of $30 buck-a-roos. You'll be seeing a lot of these kickers in the coming season.
Brown and Beautiful: my new brown boots from Target
Now Wearing:
  • vintage bolo tie, Goodwill
  • vintage plaid shirt, This N That Thrift
  • vintage leopard calf-skin belt, Cuffs
  • vintage jean cut-offs, free bin
  • Talbot's leather purse, Thrift Town

TODAY is the official launch day of the citizen ROSEBUD/curated vintage at FRINGE. When you visit this lovely local shop off in Midtown, you'll find my hand-picked and lovingly rescued vintage collection for Fall 2011. If you live local, please stop buy and SHOP THE CITIZEN


    theequinebovine said...

    I love you in your bolo....I love you even more that you love Wilco :))

    Liesl said...

    Look at you rockin' the leopard and plaid! Love your boots!

    Liesl :)

    Stacey said...

    I adore the leopard and plaid! I think I'm going to have to give this combo a go myself. I love those new boots as well! They are gorgeous, and a steal for $30.

    alexis said...

    I don't know what is making me more happy---- the plaid or wilco!!!!! SERIOUSLY..... I had to sign into google, just so I could say this!

    PS--- you look amazing. If I knew plaid could look so good, well I would have to own it!


    Alexis of NorthOnHarper

    Collette Osuna said...

    HOw fun is this outfit?? I love look super cute on you, and if I had those cute little booties? Id be sleeping in them, lol:)

    Enter my FAB Forever 21 Giveaway!!

    mispapelicos said...

    Thank you for the shout. You are so magic. i do hope The fringe goes well. I wish I could be there, but that you already know.
    Mil besos, corazón.

    Unknown said...

    Love. I think I'm in love with everything you wear, your closet, and you in general. You are amazing, lady!! I think plaid & leopard are going to be in a very happy relationship.

    BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

    that bag is so gorgeous.

    Patti said...

    Loving the plaid! And all of your looks. You have that "secret" ingredient = confidence, and it always works!

    Anika said...

    Jesusmotherf*ingchrist. That quote. Thank you and yes. I love you, you western one of a kind woman you. Looking good babe.

    The Style Crone said...

    You really know how to wear plaid and with animal print the outfit looks unique and fresh. The quote speaks volumes!

    Anonymous said...

    I always go with punk influences when I wear plaid, but LOVE this Western take!

    Adrienne said...

    LOVE the plaid and leopard! The Will Rogers quote is genius as well. Congrats on your new venture at Fringe :)


    Rebecca said...

    It looks like plaid and leopard got along well!

    sylvia @ 40PlusStyle said...

    Love the mixture of patterns. Amazed that you're still wearing shorts! Must be a long summer...

    Susan Tiner said...

    I love that bolo tie, and the plaid, tie and leopard print look great together!

    I must make a point of taking a day trip out to Sacramento to meet you and check out the shop.

    The Foolish Aesthete said...

    Excellent! and I love your Fringe flyer. xx

    Selena said...

    this outfit is perfectly styled. i love the plaid with leopard what a rad combo! you look amazing :)

    Pearl Westwood said...

    you rock this look x

    martin mattox said...

    so glad plaid met leopard! you are a badass!

    lasophia said...

    Love the quote and the outfit. Clothes will never hurt you or let you down. Clothes will always be there, they will never leave. thats my ode to clothes. I'm going to have to get my country butt down to Fringe and check out the collection. Did I tell you I live in L**m*s? Shh dont tell.

    The Closet Shopper said...

    Love it. The outfit is grand. But I have to ask you. What is your sport? You are obviously fit and I'm just wondering what you do to look so slamm'n?


    Helga said...

    Lookin' freakin fabulous darl!!!
    When leopard met plaid it was clearly a lasting love affair!!!!
    I love this combo!!

    Jill said...

    Why are you so cute? I love the plaid and leopard together! It's a great mix and you look so good. I am having a crazy busy week, unexpectedly, but wanted to stop in and say hello to you! XO, Jill

    Heather Fonseca said...

    Love the plaid! Think I'm gonna have to get me some.


    ChocoDisco said...

    you rock the plaid!
    is it still warm in Sacramento??

    Kimberlee said...

    Love the bolo tie!

    P.S. Thank you for that quote, really needed it right now :)

    Jamillah said...

    OK, so I need to find a way to totally integrate this plaid and leopard. I feel like I have both elements and I really love how it's working on you.

    LOVE that will rogers quote. I learned it from my mama :)