Monday, November 14, 2011

Saturday Night's All Right for A Fight

Only there was no fight. Saturday was the opening night for the Cuff's Naked Canvas art show, and I wanted to go check it out. So I did. It was a a cold evening, and I was stoked to be able to pull out one of my wool capes and a wool sweater to wear on my bike ride to Cuffs. But the store was so warm inside, I immediately had to strip of all resemblance of cold weather wear. So this is NOT an outfit post- because the best parts of the outfit were draped over a chair most of the evening. But I WILL give you a teaser: Brown/Cream windowpane plaid CAPE, and Norwegian wool sweater. 

Let me tell you, it was cool to see my work on somebody else's walls! The show was an eclectic mix, showcasing the variety of sparkling talent living in Sacramento. Speaking of stellar, it was a most handsome crowd, and some of my favorite peeps came out. Like Kerry, Kara, my pal Mary and the most charming of creatures, Ann and Stan of Annimal House. Everyone looked deliciously lovely.
Bella in Brown (Photo credits: Kerry Dolan)
Self Portrait: Like No Place on Earth, part of the Naked Canvas show at Cuffs
Blogger Buddies! (Photo credit: Kerry Dolan)

There are more pictures of the event over at Street Style SACRAMENTO

My favorite part of my outfit, aside from the off-camera vintage plaid cape, were my piled on necklaces. I mixed two plastic beaded necklaces with my beloved 2ETN necklace, which is made of large plastic faceted beads and a gold framed dragon fly pendant. I received it as a gift from Pamela, the designer for 2ETN, and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry in my possession. I love the quirkiness and drama of the piece. Kinda well suited to the wearer, I'd say, wouldn't you?

Now Wearing: 
  • vintage green plastic beaded necklace, thrifted
  • rose/tan resin necklace
  • ecru paisley print dress with bubble hem, free bin
  • Dooney & Burke vintage leather bag, WEAVE thrift
  • Hue brown tights
  • Dr. Scholl's "Forklore" brown suede boots
  • (not shown: vintage plaid cape, This N That
  • vintage Norwegian wool sweater, This N That)


DeniseAngela said...

totally awesome self the frame too! Like how you are wearing that leopard belt with the paisley & looks like you had a fun times.

Helga said...

Holy FECK you are looking SO BEAUTIFUL! Love that necklace arrangement...drooool!
Meh,want to be hanging out with a babe like you!X

theequinebovine said...

Weeeee! I had so much fun. It doesnt hurt that I got you as my arm candy..Telling ya, feelin' cool. Also, you inspired me today for my necklace arrangements. I had a neck brace worth of chunky rounds beads today!

mispapelicos said...

I adore you, your necklace, the blogger buddies, and the place I am sure to visit one day.
This post is what I needed to cheer me up.
Besos, my dear friend

Collette Osuna said...

YOu look gorg dollie!!! Love the pics.....wishing I lived so close we could hang everyday!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

A Funky Little Fashion Blog

Vix said...

You look radiant! I love the multi strand necklace and your glorious smile! x

Unknown said...

Looks like a fun event!! You look lovely in brown with pops of green dear!!

Isquisofrenia said...

oh you look adorable, hi hi,long time no see, i barely have time to comment on my bloggers now
but i try.
you look fantastic ,i dig the bag

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Draped elsewhere or not, what you were left with was fantastic! Your first photo actually caught my eye. Those necklaces are quirkily wonderful! That was awesome to see your portrait on the walls too. Looked like a great night out!

Adrienne said...

I love the self potrait! Though you say this is not an outfit post, your outfit sans the cape and sweater is beautiful!

SeƱora Allnut said...

lovely party night!, and lovely outfit, so pretty patterned dress and fabulous accessories and wonderful smile!!!

Anupriya DG said...

Loving those quirky beads around your neck!! And that bag is cool too! :)

Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Elliott and Tia Raquel Ita said...

You look great as always . It sounds like a real fun time had by all , wish I had been there.

Selena said...

i love your necklaces with this outfit. mis-matching done right! :)

xxx theSIREN

Rebecca said...

I like the bright, layered necklaces.

Susan Tiner said...

Sounds exciting.

That self portrait of you in the mickey mouse ears is fabulous!

I like your dragon fly pendant.

Unknown said...

Love the inks and the vintage vibe!


The Closet Shopper said...

Why are you so freak'n cute? Hmmm?

I'm really loving those layers of necklaces. What a great idea.


The Style Crone said...

Looks like so much fun! The necklaces with pendant highlight your beautiful face and look perfect with the dress.

Lee Oliveira said...

Love your floral dress but your necklaces are to die for..
lee x

Kitty said...

quirk and drama?! bring it aaaaawwwwwn, as one says in australia!!!

Anula said...

Gorgeous outfit!! I love your dress!! Amazing necklaces!!

Unknown said...

your self portrait is great, love the dot dress and the mickey mouse ears so ludique! I love your dress and all the necklaces-


Isquisofrenia said...

yeah busy but still bloggin!!


That first photo is my favourite + the mickey mouse photo!(you look gorgeous) I also love the stunning necklaces ...
*looks like you have some pretty wonderful and stylish cronies I'll say! :)

Sasha Maria said...

Definitely loving the necklaces! My eyes were drawn directly to them. I really like the dragonfly pendant.

Looks like a really fun night.

Ofelia said...

I adore this outfit and all of those necklaces on you!
It looks like a fun and cool evening with very stylish and talented people.

Franca said...

looks like a great night! everyone looks brill!

Unknown said...

Aww I love this post!! You look so happy in the pictures with your blogger buddies. I'm in love with your dress & those gorgeous boots!