Friday, December 14, 2012

Outfit Post: The Funny Papers

It was a cold and rainy day- too wet and grey to run outside and take photos. But inspired by my blogger friends from across the globe, my outfit was made in technicolor. If you are a new reader, you purhaps don't know yet that I LOVE the color combo of red, white and blue. I can be seen frolicking in these most bold and optimistic color mix HERE, HERE, HERE. But usually the blue leans more towards navy. Today I am electric in a vibrant cobalt blue. Which makes me think of Ariane,  +40 blogger and resident gorgeous hipster, who makes being over 50 years of age, look uber cool. If Style Sud-Est is NOT already on your blogroll, I urge you to stop reading this, take a moment and add her. And, YOU are welcome. 

Other +40 style beacons who rock this electric mix are Oz/Kiwi goddesses, Misfit Sarah, and the irrepressible Helga Von Trollop. I will, for your own dignity, presume they are already on your blog reading list. These ladies were the inspiration for me to wear what I normally call my summer colors, year 'round, and this fall/winter, I've been playing with cold weather versions of the red, white and blue. 

I felt a bit like a comic book hero- the red seemed a bit bright for the grey weather. And the photos are not particularly flattering au natural so I dressed them up a bit. But the elements were there- and I know I will be styling these gorgeous vintage cobalt 100% cashmere blazer again.
I'm not sure how successful I was in pulling of the whole look- I love certain elements of the outfit, but feel I need to tweak the look a bit. Comic or cartoonish wasn't the look I was going for, but I wouldn't mind a vintage T-shirt with a big Superman S on the chest to pair with the blazer and skirt. Fighting crime, one polka dot at a time. 

Speaking of Superman, my neighborhood has the saddest little antique shop. It's an old school antique shop, dark, gloomy and dusty BUT stacked to the ceiling with great furniture, books, doo-dads and collectibles. Jewelry, movie and WW2 memiorbilia jostle with eachother in every nook and corner. There's some phenom historical military costumes for sale there, too, that just blow me away. 

Yet,  every time I visit, sadly, I'm the only customer. The owner, a thin quiet man in his fifties, just seems so sweet-  and how he loves to show me his vintage collections. You can tell he loves the stuff he sells. I just wish he could sell it. Of course he scoffs at Facebook fan pages, Twitter, even selling on eBay- and oh boy- the super hero in me just wants to leap in and help him discover the future of the thriving 21st century Antique store- where people are crowding the place, whether a brick and mortar store, or shopping it online. 
The place is called the Daily Planet, and you can find it on Phinney Ridge in Seattle: 

The Daily Planet
6106 Phinney Ave N
Seattle, Wa 98103
(206) 633-0895

If you happen to visit, please tell Richard, Bella the Citizen Rosebud sent you!

Crazy for Cashmere: Star of the show is this mad, mad, mint condition vintage cashmere blazer.
Live Action Details:
  • vintage plaid scarf
  • concert T-shirt, c/o boyfriend's closet
  • vintage cashmere blazer, (Wanna buy? Interested parties e-mail me)
  • button embellished plaid mini, buy it HERE
  • arm candy: boyfriend's skater watch, white leather cuff
  • jeggings, pre-loved from Labels Consignement
  • Swedish clogs, similar HERE
  • vintage pleather handbag, from Beats and Bohos


Caitlin M. Peterson of the (ef)Face said...

I think you were very successful in pulling off this look! Cobalt and I have been falling hard for each other lately...Thanks for providing some inspiration on how to wear it! :)


Lyosha Varezhkina said...

very nice and funny filtering!
you look great in blue!

Inside and Outside Blog
P.S. I'm hosting a glasses giveaway on my blog here check it out!

Susan B said...

These vivid colors work for you! And I love the "special effects!"

Becky said...

Love the tee with the blazer/jacket and the plaid scarf and skirt!! I like the technicolor pics, too! Hope that little antique shop gets some local love after your shout out <3

Flora Cruft said...

You're a glamorous comic book heroine! Great colours, and those shoes are ultra cute.

Unknown said...

Aw thanks for the link love Bella! It's always the right time for s red white blue combo and I LOVE your awesome pics! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy Warhol girl!!!

Fun and cool effects :-) Love it.
Hey, you gotta meet VĂ©ronique from "French girl in Seattle". She is my friend. Her blog is really neat and she enjoys the rainy days in Seattle too - where she lives.
Hugs and Merry Christmas,
Anne (Playing with Scarves)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors now. Good look!

Patti said...

Wear your summer colors all year 'round, yes! I wish I lived in your 'hood, so I could shop at the Planet.

Sheila said...

I love all your colours! Next time I'm in Seattle, I'm going to email you for recommendations of places to go.

Anonymous said...

Bella, you look fantastic and I love the bold combination. That jacket is FAB!


Melanie said...

Yay, Bella - you have not be beaten by this wretched, wretched rain. I flirt with disaster every time I look in my closet, my eyes straying dangerously close to black and black and black... Ariane is uber-cool, funky, witty. I'm glad you mentioned her here. She's the best. You look gorgeous in your red, white, and blue!!

mispapelicos said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh absolutely fabulous in red and blue, my dear Bella.
You are leading the group of the 40+ so well that you will become the new Ari for a younger age. Have you thought of that???
Have a lovely weekend, my dear friend.
It is also raining here.

Unknown said...

Your look Amazing and would fit right in in a comic Book as a super Hero!

Unknown said...

I love cobalt blue. That plaid skirt is adorable also.

Veshoevius said...

Love the Andy Warholesque portraits! I'm craving cobalt blue at the moment - it's an awesome colour and you look fab in it, in the flesh and as pop art!

Vix said...

We must be sharing the weather 'cos it was filthy here yesterday.
Red, white and blue are a fabulous combo, a shitty day requires loads of glorious colour! x

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You were successful to me..I love it and I don't always like red, white and blue together. Those shoes are the sweetest, love those!! Chic look and the artsy photos at the start were just plain awesome :) Have a swish weekend xx

Jamillah said...

what a fantastic solution to a rainy day outfit post. I don't think the outfit looks comicy/cartoonish. I love that blazer and I would love to see a superman s under it too.

Shybiker said...

What cool pictures! And you make me want to jump on a plane to visit The Daily Planet.

CityScape Skybaby said...

You look great in cobalt blue Rosebud and I love it with the red, your pop art photos are fabulous too. Sadly it's a colour that just looks horrible on me. My daughter talked me into buying a cobalt blue coat but I ended up giving it away as I looked like death warmed up in it. I agree, Ariane is great and it's sad to think of that lovely shop going unappreciated, wish it was near me because it sounds like a great place. xx

LV said...

I love that skirt, scarf and jacket. You look so good!

Curtise said...

Red, white and blue is such a classic combination, yet can look so funky too, as worn by the wonderful ladies you mentioned and yourself, of course!
Great pics. I hope the antique shop gets some more custom. xxxx

Forest City Fashionista said...

Hooray for the Red, White & Blue!! Cool photo effects, great outfit.

joyatri said...

I've never been inclined to try wearing red, white, and blue, but to see how striking it looks on you and all the other inspiring bloggers, I think i should give it a try. I've only started wearing blue in the past couple years -- as I get more and more silver in my hair, the color seems to look better on me than it used to.
Red shoes are the best.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Fabulous watch and wristband combo, I really like that. I adore your shoes too, you look fabulous and I'm following Style Sud-Est now xxxx

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Awesome blazer and clogs! I love all the heart and generosity you put into your features and recommendations. You are totally a superhero, Bella!

Unknown said...

You're so creative! I used to only read the funny papers, not the rest of the newspaper :).