Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SHOP SECONDHAND FIRST: The Citizen Rosebud Etsy Shop

Bloom Madly, Shop Gladly: The Citizen Rosebud Etsy SHOP is  officially open for 2013.

My 2013 #SHOPSECONDHANDFIRST pledge has officially begun. This year, I am committed in making smart, sustainable shopping decisions and have pledge to "Shop Secondhand First." For those who care to join me, you can take the pledge HERE.

You may or may not know, but I'm trying to earn my keep by selling sustainable goods, aka vintage and pre-loved items, in various venues. While I hope to eventually establish my own real life shop/e-commerce website, but until then, you can find my choicest vintage in my Etsy shop, and the best of my pre-loved goodies on Ebay. You may also be aware that many of your friends, family and neighbors are also selling on online (yay small business!), and I'd like to invite those who are part of the Rosebud community to share their shops here. My intent is to publish a list of all of our shops, so we all can support each other throughout the year.

Here's a very short list of fellow Rosebuds who sell vintage and secondhand items online. Please bookmark their pages, and when you feel like shopping, step into their virtual boutiques and have a looksie.


Astral Boutique
Beats N Bohos
Citizen Rosebud Etsy
Citizen Rosebud eBay
Clutched and Covered
Dressed Her Days Vintage
The Elegant Bohemian
Funkoma Vintage
Pink Champagne Fashion

If you have a shop you'd like mention, please email me and share your shop's name and url with me, and I will publish it next month! 
Email: shop (at) thecitizenrosebud(dot) com with "Shop Secondhand SHOPS" in the subject before January 25th for a February shout out. 

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vintage honeybee said...

I'm getting my items together to stock my etsy shop too. It looks like you have lots of good stuff. I would love to be part of your etsy shops list. My easy shop is
I can't wait to check out everyones shops.

Krista said...

I try Bella I really do try but I have been buying some Mod cloth lately but I do usually try second hand or handmade first!! It's just good when you stop consuming and start thinking a bit more about where is this coming from and who is really benefiting from it.

Love that leopard hat in your shop!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Your shop looks great, I need to buy less of everything this year though - house purchase coming up! Great idea to support other small sellers xx

Patti said...

Love this feature, Bella. Your floral jacket on eBay is sooooo gorgeous.

Forest City Fashionista said...

Always great to have more places to buy cool secondhand stuff - congrats! I go through periods of time where I only buy secondhand, and not even go into stores that sell new, but then in the last few months I've fallen prey to some of the post-Christmas sales....

Meghan Edge said...

Great list! I'm favoriting these ladies' shops right now!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Beautiful items, Bella...if I had some money I would snatch that camel coat with the Leopard collar...gorgeous! I wish you great success with this Etsy shop!

citizen rosebud said...

Do me a favor love and email your info to me. I need an easy way to list and keep track - a folder of emails is how I'm doing that. Thanks!

mispapelicos said...

Much love and admiration, my dear sister in Seattle.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

This is have kicked me in the backside to shop second hand more & I'm even thinking of having my own shop to use my ebay account to sell rather than shop ;) It's a great idea & I have stuff in my closet that I don't often wear, so someone should love it & then I can buy something second hand that I love too :)) Super!! xx

Anonymous said...

I pretty much buy all but underthings and some shoes (i'm hard to fit) secondhand. I'll definitely be shopping more as i lose weight. My goal is once my weight stabilizes where it wants--i'm gonna start rocking' the vintage!!
This list will be a great start!

Unknown said...

I'm more of a giver of good things to second hand shops or charitable organizations than a buyer.

Best of luck to you and your new shop :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the things at your Etsy shop and admire your commitment to secondhand. Fantastic list you've got going here!

Flattering50 said...

Love the red shoes. Love secondhand. Thanks for the list! And glad to know about your etsy site. Good luck!!