Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting a Leg UP: Leggings from Simons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

Simons of Canada is a highly respected department store that's been around since the turn of the LAST century. Keeping it up to date, they offer style choices perfect for the here and now- contemporary fashions, current in trends, and realistic on your budget. You're not a fashion victim here. You are a happy shopper. Personally, I like how they seem to be catering to more than just the 20 something fashion crowd, especially when it comes to their offering of leggings .

Check these out. The galaxy print legging is one of the most popular legging prints of ALL TIME. Anywhere. What is it about an intergalactic graphic that feels nostalgic, futuristic and au currant, all at the same time? There are several "space odyssey" options, even in Simons' tightly curated collection of a mere 15 pairs of leggings.

Yup. there's a "Galaxy" print, and also a "Milky Way" print option, but my money's on the "Mystical Wolf" because my cosmonaut's spirit animal needs to howl something fierce. And for some reason,  the faux leather legging option has mesmerized me. I'm always on the look out for some pragmatic (aka rain resistant) yet edgy bottoms for a curvy +40 year old Seattle resident.

This small collection has plenty of variety of leggings in super fun prints. There's no lack of interesting (and very up-to-date) printed leggings to choose from. I'm trying to figure out stat! on how the Mystical Wolf print can work its way into my wardrobe.

At the moment, there's a big sale going on in the Simons' legging department. Prices range from $9.99-$38, with the average price around $20. And, there's free shipping too. Unfortunately, they don't ship Stateside, so this great resource is for style savvy Canooks only. I'm talking to you, Amber, Sheila, Mel and Ariane.

Here's what Simon says about their company: Simons highly respects life’s diversity and its beauty. Their mission is to transfer their passion of fashion in places where people are taken care of by offering them an original, friendly and pleasant environment. Their brand cultivates curiosity and a creative spirit and finds inspiration through travels and discoveries.

Here's what I say: I wish there was a Simons in my neighborhood.


Unknown said...

Love Simons,neat store,yes they cater to the 40 over crowd! i always find something -
Funny they ask me to do a post on sweaters!
Check out my post tomorrow!

Ariane xx

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Me waving madly from Vancouver! :)

When I started to read I was thinking
Simons? Never heard of it. But, I clicked on the link and Ah Ha, I did indeed visit Simons while in Quebec City. Very nice store, and what a pleasure to read more about their history. Thanks for sharing Bella.

Sue xo

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

These are cool and you could do so much with them! Reminds me of something I had in mind recently.

Flora Cruft said...

Lovely lovely leggings for your lovely lovely legs!

Sheila said...

How bizarre, I have lived in Canada my entire life and never HEARD of Simons! Seriously, this is the first time. We don't have those stores in the West, I'm tellin' ya.

I would only buy the leggings if they were ethically made (in Canada, preferred, but any other first world country would be fine). I love the greeny ones.

Suzanne said...

Sheila it is only in Quebec I believe.

I loved that dang store when we lived in Quebec. They have the most unique stuff.

So wild that you did a post for them when they don't ship to the US. LOL


bohemian vanity said...

What amazing leggins, the green one is my fave! xxxx Tani

The Style Crone said...

These leggings expand the horizons of leg wear for me. Too bad they only exist in Canada.

LV said...

Cute leggings. I find that I am becoming addicted to them because they are so comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Besides Mel, Amber, Ariane and Sheila, don't forget Shelley, Sue, Suzanne and Megan. I'm in awe of the Canadians - they have such easy style, and still have a lot of unique manufacturers!