Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Falling for a Shabby Apple

#shabbycitizen: Falling for a Shabby Apple. A Citizen Rosebud product review.
One doesn't name one's blog, referencing a rosebud, without having established a ferocious love of a good rose print. So one would not be surprised at all, that one would love this dream of a dress from Shabby Apple. This Made in the USA cotton frock is from the Tartan + Tweed collection. I love the "red-head hues" of a soft martini green olive and 1960s lipstick pink. Bonus points for it being well made, and quite the comfortable stunner. 

Inspired by vintage clothing, Shabby Apple designs a great collection of dresses, skirts and tops, and while they are retro in feel, the fit and cut is quite modern. My speaking in the third person seems to stem from how aristocratic I feel in my new Christie dress from Shabby Apple. At first glance, I felt it too summery, but the warm pastels make it surprisingly easy to style in a Fall setting. The colors and the pattern, remind me of elegantly fallen, Autumn leaves.

Like my instagrammed photo above, of a lovely array of yellows, greens, rusts and red leaves,  this dress has a similar quality to it, both unstudied and at ease, with just a whiff of the prim and proper. I need a good chintz porcelain tea cup, filled to the brim with tea (and a touch of cream) to sip (pinkie carefully extended just so!) whilst I remain in this frock, and if anybody were to present me with a tiara of gold stars and soft brilliance, I would most likely accept it. 

As I did this lovely dress, courtesy of Shabby Apple. For purposes of review. And what's my review, you might ask? 

Here's the #shabbycitizen review in a nutshell: fantastic retro style, quality construction in a gorgeous cotton fabric. This particular dress was lined, also in cotton, which gave a nice weight and movement to it. Since the product is made in the USA (they have quite a bit of dresses in their line that is manufactured from the States) I can gladly recommend this company, and am very likely to order from them personally. (In fact, I like the idea of Shabby Apple so much, that I just signed up as an affiliate).

A word of warning: these dresses sell like hotcakes! So if you have your eye on a particular item, in your size, I  suggest you order asap! The one problem I had was being able to procure a dress that I wanted, in my size (which is a size 14/16, if you must know) as the styles kept selling out from under me! Thankfully, they had a crack customer service team on staff, and I am very grateful to all who helped me obtain this lovely keeper of a dress.

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Now, would YOU like to try out vintage inspired dress from Shabby Apple? Here's your chance!  Announcing a Shabby Apple dress give-away! Enter to win a $100 Gift Card from Shabby Apple. Here's the deal-

You must
Give-away is open to US residents only. The prize is a $100 Gift Card for Shabby Apple to be applied towards a purchase. Must be a follower/reader of the Citizen Rosebud blog to enter, and fulfill all requirements to win. 

This Shabby Apple giveaway starts November 19th and ends the 29th. The winner will be announced via blog post, Friday, November 30th.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget, and leave a blog comment.  Good luck!


Patti said...

gaw-geous! I really like this print and the retro look. xox

Forest City Fashionista said...

The print is beautiful - it would be nice to see a full-length photo of you wearing the dress!

citizen rosebud said...

I'm planning a full length outfit post for the Nov 30th post, Shelley. It's pretty cute!

Beryl said...

That's a great rose print!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress, and I love the way you describe the colors - martini green olive and pink lipstick!

Mrs. D said...

Shabby Apple is a great brand, they always have lovely stuff! Too bad the giveaway is for US residents only... boo!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I always enjoy Shabby Apple's website. They do have the prettiest dresses! I love your selection, and it looks lovely on you!!!

bohemian vanity said...

This dress is amazing, the print is soooo lovely!!!
A real pity the giveaway is for US residents only :(
Had a quick look at the website, those dresses are divine!
xx Tani

Debbie Stinedurf said...

The dress is beautiful...and you are so right, the colors work perfectly for fall.

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Gorgeous dress--I love their stuff!!
Liked on Facebook-gotta set up an Instagram account to follow (I am so behind the times)

Idee Fixe said...

Hey sweet pea! Love you in colourful prints you gorgeous hunk of woman! You know I follow you & just did the other follows. Only have one correction for you, the 29th is my birthday and is the Friday after Thanksgiving, the 30th is on Saturday! Hey I hope I win, it would be a nice birthday gift! Love you! XXX

Jean at said...

Bella, you really make it look amazing!! I don't wear dresses alot because I'm so drastically mismatched, top and bottom. But your writing is compelling, and I'm reveling in the deliciousness of the fabric and the consciousness of the product. You are irresistible.

Jean at said...

P.S. I'm not on Facebook and I'm pretty much not on anything, really. Any consolation prize available for those of us that can't meet the contest requirements? I mean, I know it's all about advertising, but maybe...?

Unknown said...

I like your full length outfit.
Winter is something to consider such clothing line.
District line clothing has all the solution, what I believe.

SeƱora Allnut said...

love that retro-modern style, and love the print, it's great that they produce locally some of their dresses!
besos & autumn leaves

Sasha Maria said...

Such a gorgeous print! It looks exactly like the stuff summer days of made if only it weren't heading into the winter months!

The Style Crone said...

I love the colors and the vintage vibe, and the dress is fab on you. I Would love to enter and meet all requirements, except I'm not on Instagram yet. Hopefully some day soon.

No Fear of Fashion said...

Why such little photos? I wanted to see it in full glory. It looks divine.
Also like your little sweep of fall leaves.

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, I LOVE Shabby Apple!! I love the print you chose. Fabulous!!