Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Thing for Spring?

Bursting with Blossom: Spring makes for seriously fun dress ups attempts.

Spring is my favorite season, especially this time of year. I pull all my floral frocks out, and pretty much layer on whatever springtime folly I can think of- usually in the form of a ridiculous hat. By which I mean a vintage (usually floral) one. I'm not sure why, other than it's FUN.

Which you'd never guess by how seriously serious I am in these photos. I swear to blog, I wasn't meaning to mad dog the camera.

Why so angry, little fashion blogger? Somebody steal your pose?

SERIOUSLY. Who am I glowering at here? LMAO! Here lies the down side of taking your own photos, which is an act of the absurd in itself. You sometimes forget to look like you were having fun. Good to know that I've got my "Fierce Face" down pat. Gonna come in handy, uh, someday, I'm sure.

Maybe I was all super serious because I was intially posing to sell the items, and by the end of it, decided to keep the outfit. I probably thought YOU were all up in my stuff and wanted to borrow the frock and coat for your own #shameless #selfie photo shoot. Who knows? But I'm laughing now at my mad, mad, mad(dog) modelling skillz. 

The outfit is all secondhand sourced, except for the socks- which I've been wearing for a few years now, so they sort of count as a #SHF item. The dress was bought from Value Village for under $12, and it looked brand new, a designer find by Colors by Benneton. Fits me to a T, too, which says something, as I struggle constantly with my short but thick waist and long torso. The jacket was a splurge, I paid $20 for it at my local Goodwill, which has crazy HIGH prices for a "charity" thrift store. It too was brand new and previously unworn. I've had it for a couple of years, but only just recently really saw its true potential in my Seattle based adventures. It's a plastic rain jacket but the black lace texture adds a bit of poetry to its practical applications. 

The hat, precious little vintage topper that it is, has been trying to find a good home since I started re-selling vintage. You can see a previous photo session of it here. And for the time being, this springtime topper is available HERE. (Remember ROSEBUD gets you 10% off)

REMINDER: Tomorrow is the link-up for your #SECONDHANDFIRST finds! Starting in 8 am on Friday and lasting for one week, we're hosting a party featuring your best thrift store scores, Etsy bought, ethically made, eco and up-cycled goodies. Just link your photo or post, and leave a comment. We'd love to hear what you're doing to make better sustainable shopping choices. 

Hey! In real life, I am SMILING! It's Spring and things are about to get good!
FOR SERIOUS. Thanks for being good sports, and true pals. See ya on the flip side. 

Edit: linking up to Claire's Creative Mondays blog hop


Becky said...

Super cute-- loving the knee socks.

Sheila said...

I love your fierce look! Rar!

Please may I? said...

Love it! Fierce and flowery.

X x

Suzanne said...

You do look rather fierce and serious! LOL I thought you were ; )

That coat is right on trend with all of the lace right now.

You are one of the very few people that can pull off such a fantastic hat.

Crap...I need to take some photos of my latest consignment finds.


Unknown said...

You are a rockstar ! Loving it !

Unknown said...

I think your pics are wonderful .. I thought you had that super model pouty thing goin' on.


Vix said...

Its so hard to smile in blog photos, I usually end up looking demented! You look fab, jealous of your bare legs - its snowing here! xxx

J. said...

I love the lacy rain coat! Makes for smiles when it rains. Which I'm sure it does often where you are...

SeƱora Allnut said...

dear lady, you're blooming madly!!, and love your fabulousness!!, posing like a killer fashion blogger!, showing your floral dress and lace fabulous jacket!!, and your Hat is Perfect!!
you're a Spring Inspiration!!
besos & primavera

Natalia Lialina said...

Bella, I think it is an impossible task to steal anything from you - you are so completely unique! :) I adore this outfit on you, it's pure poetry all together. And you are wise to leave it for yourself! And yes, you do take the best selfies! You look gorgeous! :)

Shybiker said...

It's hard to take our own photos. Nature didn't intend for us to be both model and photographer. Maybe I could take your pictures and you could take mine?!

Jill said...

I hate taking my own pictures, most of my selfies come out with the harsh face too. So not good. As for the outfit, I love that you mixed lace and floral and netting on the hat! Oh it's so good! I wonder if I have a picture for the #Secondhandfirst party. I'm going to look for one. You are the best. XO, Jill

Tamera Beardsley said...

You my dear Bella … so so fabulous!


Val said...

Love that jacket! The lace pattern almost makes it like Op Art.

I'm learning that I can't do a "cool" look on camera - it just looks mean or bored. But if I smile too much I look goofy, or my gold molars show! As the timer ticks down I try to remind myself how silly it is to take selfies, and that usually gives me a wry smile.

No Fear of Fashion said...

I was going to say: keep this outfit as it looks so good on you. Fortunately you did. I am very content with that. And yes a smile is always nice. I am so used to smiling for my blog photos (as I look terrible without my smile), that I automatically smile in position whenever there is a camera aiming at me. (Oh and please don't stand like that with your arms beside your body. You look as if you are not enjoying yourself and rather be somewhere else.)

Claire Justine said...

Aww you look beautiful, great pictures. I so can not smile when taking my own photo. love your jacket :)