Wednesday, March 19, 2014

MIND THE MUSIC: Give Me Chocolate

Heavy Metal, Lite: Baby Metal wants Chocolate.
"Somewhere in Norway there is a metal-head in corpse paint standing in a forest crying tears of blood.”  -Octopit to Jezebel

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Making the rounds via viral social media tsunami is this video of the world first Jap-pop/Metal, uh, musical sensation, Baby Metal. First off, they are cute as hell, and the song will stick to your toes. And, you just might find yourself with an inane, insane craving for candy-sweet, kawai-styled mini-crinolines, and a box of chocolates. 

Welcome our new culture feature, mid-week: Mind the Music. (Almost) every Wednesday, we'll be posting some great tunes to get your toes tapping, and you, through to the end of your work week.


Krista said...

I wanna love them so bad but I can't they are awful but so darn cute and original I'll give them that!

Tilda E. said...

Oh My was inevitable, wasn't it??

Val said...

I finally had a chance to listen to this, and I'm afraid I have to play the old fogey card. What ever happened to real music instead of just noise with a catchy beat?