Thursday, April 3, 2014


 And BEAUTY definitely shops #SECONDHANDFIRST

Thanks to all who joined in last Friday's community link-up!

YOU prove that style is not purchased, but possessed. You show that fashion can be a glorious display of color, character and diversity. No need to conform, nor to consume! You can come as you are, with creativity, ingenuity and sustainable shopping practices in tow, and create a real woman fashion show beautiful enough to rival anything found on a Paris runway. THANK-YOU.

Citizens Belles: 
(A gentle reminder for those using the term "Secondhand First™" to credit the Citizen Rosebud for its use, and to link it to the Secondhand First page.)



Unknown said...

There is nothing like thrifting. I can't wait to get my cast off and hit the stores again. Thank you for showcasing these lovely ladies! I love the creativity of these looks. Debbie

Shawna McComber said...

I love shopping second hand, for my clothes and most of my home decor and dishes. I love the thrill of the hunt, the surprise finds and knowing that it is a good way to reduce waste and over consumption. In my small town, selection is limited and there is little access to artisans making sustainable clothing but I still manage to make much of my wardrobe second hand and I do not need a lot of clothes.

Patti said...

These looks are so inspiring, Bella. Love the creative fashion!

Natalia Lialina said...

Oh Bella, THANK YOU for all your wonderful, kind and generous support. This collage was such a beautiful surprise!!! I am so honored to be in a company of these beautiful and incredibly creative ladies, and to be a part of the community you have been building for years. It is one amazing community! And you are definitely a very strong, wise and natural leader. I know you said that you are looking for a model for your vintage shop. But I will miss you if you decide to stop modeling. Please don't. :) You are not only beautiful, you are absolutely unique, and the energy you bring with just your presence is unrepeatable. With lots of love and hugs, Natalia/Natasha