Monday, February 15, 2010

The Chartreuse Chanteuse


Ok. I'll admit I'm no singer. I've been gifted with a voicebox that can sing, at best,  three notes well, and those notes are best heard only by puppies. But given my recent stint of keraoeke with my friend and neighbor Ernst, I've been acting every bit of a traveling folk singer. Or not. But I do have great neighbors and my good pal-slash-neighbor Lori snapped these shots as she seemed to really like the outfit. I as usual seem quite proficient at hamming in up in front of the camera.

  • Black wool newsboy cap from Target
  • Polka dot T-shirt with sweetheart neckline: Forever 21
  • Vintage '80's rayon chartreuse colored mini-dress: Thrifted
    This dress is freaking awesome. It is a thick and luxurious rayon with a charming print of harlequin acrobats. I of course really like the black polka dotted trim, shoulder straps and skirt ruffle.
  • (not seen) Vintage black polka dotted bloomers: Thrifted.
    I wear these because the dress is short enough to give peeps a peek.
  • Black leggings: Who cares?
  • Polka-dot knee-high socks: Target
  • Black leather scrunchable flat boots: Thrifted


kiwaczek2 said...

my voice sucks too - so they tell me. but I don't care I sing my heart out:)

DENNI said...

loved that photo of the rose.


Gypsy Gardens said...

cute dress babe!
i'm a follower now, hope you'll come visit me :)