Saturday, February 6, 2010

Steam McQueen

but we've the may
( for you are in love
and i am) to sing,
my darling while
old worlds and young
(big little and all
worlds) merely have
the must to say

and the when to do
is exactly theirs
(dull worlds or keen;
big little and all)
but lose or win
(come heaven, come hell)
precisely ours
is the now to grow

it's love by whom
(my beautiful friend)
the gift to live
is without until; 
but pitiful they've
(big little and all)
no power beyond 
the trick to seem

their joys turn woes
and right goes wrong,
(dim worlds or bright;
big little and all)
whereas (my sweet)
our summer in fall
and in winter our spring
is the yes of yes

love was and shall
be this only truth
(a dream of a deed,
born not to die)
but worlds are made of hello and goodbye:
glad sorry or both
(big little and all)

            -- e. e. cummings

It seems whenver I feel the need for comfort, the English major in me always turns to the poets T.S. Eliot or e.e. cummings for a bit of verbal cure. They are most likely my first poetic loves, with the venerable Anne Sexton and the vulnerable Sylvia Plath coming in close seconds.  So when I woke up this morning, sicker than a pack of dogs, the first thing reached for was a zinc lozenge  & my chewed up copy of e.e. cumming's 73 Poems, given to me in 1984 by my high school BFF with a heart tugging inscription, made even more poignant by the years sandwiched between that moment & now and the fact that the irreplacable Teddi Ann Herrera is no longer with us. 

Apparently influenza makes me most nostalgic.  

Well on the top of my list to do today was to take some pictures of me in choice outfits, crafted and curated by the Citizen Rosebud. We just delivered a finely edited selection of goods to the Fringe, which had more than its share of black & white stripes, vintage one-piece pantsuits and  charming outer wear. And not a floral in the bunch. So I guess the "LOVES WAITS" collection is a study of subtle greys, blacks, whites, and ivories with the occasional shot of hot red thrown in.  Sometimes a collection creates itself.  And a day's agenda remakes itself, as there will be no photos taken of yours truly frolicing around in frocks & follies. My eyes are too crusty,  & my nose too red. 

But I will always make room for romance, so I'll leave you with the above picture of the dreamy Faye Dunaway and the steamy Steve McQueen in a close-up shot from the original The Thomas Crown Affair. Not technically a fashion shot, but an inspirational one. I want fashion to make me feel this way, so full of heat, of play, of promise, of desire, that it's just one domino away from toppling high head over high heels into l'amour. Can you feel it? 

Coming soon, some of those promised shots of your strawberry girl signing the polka dotted line. Will doll up for you my duckies, come rain or shine. 


holierthannow said...

hi, just wanted to thank you for your kind words about my branding article on IFB - i was laughing bc you said I'm not going to follow up on your recommended reading -- HA -- i have to assume you didn't mean NOT but hey : )

PS i love TS Eliot too

the Citizen Rosebud said...

haaa! my damn tourette's. now I'm wondering if I did. great article however. thanks.