Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now Playing: Shanghai Rose

I can imagine a place where the heart feels her freedom, with a rhythm no more subtle than a lady's pair of heels clacking on the sidewalk. The quiet slip into the door frame and down the stairs where a Snakebite proper is waiting for you. Speakeasy.  A silky wave of the arm & the waiter approaches, & with a whispered nod approves the selection.  Like a cobra he slides back to your booth with your half-pint in hand. The sweet syrup of the cider dances with its partner, this time a blonde pilsner. Lace gloves undo themselves and curl up like kittens on the table next to your purse.  Music hisses in the background as the outside world falls far, far away. Deep breath of delight as thoughts unravel. Re-knit. Here, you are nobody's wife.  There are no titles here, no corsetted expectations. You are just another pair of eyes & ears and a soft mouth wrapped around a hard drink.

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