Thursday, March 18, 2010 a warm SUN

So happy. My first blog award, and from one of my favorite bloggers to boot. If you get a moment, check out Megg's blog, Another Day to Dress Up. She has the most adorable style, is a serious vintage maven and comes up with incredible outfits! No wonder she's on Lookbook, Chictopia, among others.

So part of the duties of a newly awarded Happy 101 blogger is to share ten things that you might not know about me, and that makes me happy. So here it goes, in no particular order: Happiness on a Stick in 10 easy sound-bites.
Sunshine. I love sunny days!  Sunlight always improves my mood.
  1. Ice Cream. One of my favorite things in life is ice cream. YUM.
  2. My dear ol' D. I met my sweet boyfriend when I was a very young girl, a freshman in college. While we've only been dating the last 2 plus years, I like the fact that we've known each other for over 25. We always have such a good time together: lots of laughs and always good food and conversations.
  3. Dappled light. One of my favorite things ever is to ride my bike down the long stretch of avenues in Sactown, where grand old elms line the streets and provide the most wondrous dappled light. My heart sings with joy whenever I'm under such soft and variagated sunlight.
  4. Wildflowers. My favorite flowers are those that bloom in some weedy environment, like a crack of a sidewalk. Or randomly in lawns:  tiny wild violets, and those lovely bell-like flowers that bloom every spring in everybody's front lawn. Whenever I see a life grasping a foothold and flourish, I am filled with happiness. 
  5. Blue & White transfer ware. I LOVE to collect old china, all kinds: cups, saucers, pitchers, plates, as long as its in cobalt blue and white. Hand-painted or transfer ware, Blue Willow, Oriental Lily or random Delft, it don't matter, I love them all.  My house is filled to the brim with my lifetime obsession of porcelain. Even outside: whenever I break a dish, I can't bear to discard it, so I toss it out into my garden!
  6. Movies. LOVE film. I do.
  7. Coffee table books & magazines. I love to look through the pages of a beautifully illustrated book and glossy magazines. Few things in life are as relaxing as a cup of tea, or sip of spirit and the enjoyable viewing of bookish and beautiful eye-candy
  8. Blogging. Really.
  9. Caramel corn. Oh the guilty happiness found in a sweetened kernel. I loves me some caramel corn!

    I'd like to pass this Happy Blogger Award to some of my favorite bloggers: EQUINE BOVINE, wierzbowawitka, kiwaczkowe zycie, and Vlad the IMBlogger
So the Happy Blogger 101 Award goes to 5 wonderful bloggers:

My dear amiga, Kerry D of EQUINE BOVINE
The lovely Marta of wierzbowawitka

The vivacious Kasia of  kiwaczkowe zycie   
& last but NOT least, my high school chum, 
Vlado @

EDIT: I forgot to mention a fifth blogger! LOL. Well, Emily of Pamja Libra, are you up for it? Pamja Libra: the look book

I hope you take a moment and check out their latest rantings, and it makes YOU happy!



Marta said...

thank you rosebud!!!!!!!! :)))))))

kiwaczek2 said...

wow thanks a lot! luv ya:D
i love sunshine too and i think it's at the top of my list

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I'm looking fwd to more fun in the sun too!

Emily said...

Wow! Thank-you Citizen! May there be much sunshine and ice cream in your future!