Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Mojo of Rojo

Red brings heat, makes flower,
and romances the heart.

Aye. There is magic in the color red. The flame of blossom, the lion's roar of Life. Red brings heat, makes flower, and romances the heart. Red is a literal come-hither, always in the foreground, bleeding confrontation, whilst the greens, the blues, the violets wait like wallflowers in the background of a picture plane.  Red is immediate presence,  commandeering a room; the color of forward motion, of conquest & enticements, irrefutable, undeniable. Blatantly remarkable, this red. Unrepentantly desirable. 

Photos credits: Advanced Style, Unknown, Style Bubble, The Sartorialist, Rococo Vintage


Unknown said...

Do you agree that it can be hard to find the right red for those of us not blessed with olive skin? I feel fabulous in red when I can find the right color. For me, one twist of the color palette towards orange and my aging skin turns yellow. Maybe i need to learn to sew...thanks for the fun blog!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

yes. red rocks but you've got to know and find the right one. i've discovered that my olive skin doesn't look it's best in the gorgeous blue red that you see, but the turkish orange red, even though i like the blue-cool-red hue the best.

perhaps you rock the hue i envy! i think you should learn to sew....for me! lol. you know, if you ever need a "shopping partner" let me know, i'm good at shopping for others.

ps: thanks so much for commenting too. makes me feel like someone is reading this. xo. -Bella Q

kiwaczek2 said...

OMG to that first pic:) a woman Santa Claus;)

Anonymous said...

Nice pics!