Saturday, April 17, 2010


I tend to like things a bit weedy. Can't help myself, I like life with a bit of history stamped on it. So old worn things, rusty things, paint peeling and patina things hold charm for me. I've been house-sitting mi mamacita's casa, and the old backyard has turned a bit seedy & overgrown, but springtime seems to have thrown a green lush blanket over the whole place.  I am enthralled by the weedy tumble. It's as it life is saying, we can not be stopped. In spite of the fact that the gardener is in Spain, the roses are blooming, potato-vine is covered in tiny bluish-white flowers, the fig, apple and persimmon tree are busting out their floral finery, and the grapefruit is groaning from the weight of a bumper crop of sweet ruby red grapefruit.

I too, feel a bit over-grown, weedy but unstoppable. Wearing one of many outfits featuring black & white polka-dots, I am soaking up the spring sunshine like a flower in full bloom.

  • Vintage '60's black jacket w/ pleated collar, courtesy of EQUINE BOVINE
  • Rayon polka-dot print "onesie" shorts romper, Target
  • Black Tights, Target
  • Steve Madden patent leather T-strap heels, Piperlime
  • Vintage Lucite cameo broach, Fringe


The Photodiarist said...

I like both weedy tumbles and manicured gardens. They give us different feelings. The weedy tumble is a mystery. You never know what you will find. The manicured space creates order and symmetry, which can be peaceful.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Lovely jacket!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

@tPD: I so agree with you! Manicured gardens make my heart sing. Manicured lawns, however make me yawn. I like a garden, but hate lawns. I think I just like seeing plants thriving, and they do such a good job, even in neglected spaces. And that gives me such good feelings!

@ Penny: thanks! the jacket reminds me a little of the movie La Dulce Vita, probably because of the collar. Why it does this, I'm not really weedy mind makes all sorts of loose connections. xo.

Marta said...

i am in love with your jacket!

Unknown said...

i love this post and i like your thinking!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

thanks Andrea! xo.