Tuesday, February 1, 2011

outfit post: Angeline on Gasoline~Inspiration ala The New Professional

The NEW Rosebud? Bella Q gets inspired by the New Professional's Angeline Evans
The Bella Q strikes a pose wearing her version of office appropriate attire.
You never know where inspiration can strike- Last week, it was on Twitter. When Sacramento's premier office blogger, The New Professional,  tweeted about her wearing jean trousers to the office, this Rosebud somehow felt inspired. I mean, I've never had to worry about "professional attire" in all my two decades-plus stint, schlepping it in cafes & food service. My dress codes focused more on donning a clean apron and skid-resistant shoes then the right blazer and skirt combo. 

I like to read The New Professional, but not so much for learning office ettiquette. It's most likely because Angeline herself is so damn likable, and I appreciate her focus. She works with the clothes she already has in her closet; Angeline Evans is so NOT into showing off her latest mall purchase. In fact she went all of last year WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING. Can you imagine that? She either re-made an old wardrobe item, or got it from a clothes swap, and still managed to pull together office appropriate outfits. And, I might add, get a big mention at Forbes for doing so!

Angeline tweeted that she seldom wore jeans, especially not at the office, and I thought: I seldom wear jeans too. And ergo, the inspiration to put together an outfit, inspired by Angeline, The New Professional. The challenge is akin to a mash-up of Grey Gardens meets Wall Street, mixing chintz with pin-stripes: all a very unlikely team-up. A most likely foppish flop. Of course I was game. 

To dress "like" Angeline, I intended to:
  • wear jeans, 
  • sport a blouse, preferably with a bow, 
  • put on a belt (she is always sporting a cute little belt around her cute little waistline) 
I wanted to use the clothes out of my closet (just like Angeline does,) but wear them in a way I wouldn't normally wear them. The result: NOTHING like the New Professional, but a NEW spin on the Rosebud. Me likey. 

Since subdued and understated isn't really in my wardrobe vernacular, even my "profesh" outfit is off-kilter and kooky.  My idea of conservative was using classic prints (leopard, polka dots, stripes) that someone like Angeline would wear to the office; only I wore them all at once, like an amped-up secretary on amphatemines.

What worked: I liked the quirky effect of layering a silk button-up polka dot blouse UNDER a short sleeved secretarial cotton blouse with bow. A little uptown grunge, if you will. I LOVED the unusual mix of animal print with the stripes and polka dots and hope to mingle them again. I also realized that TUCKING IN YOUR BLOUSE and adding a belt really looks more grown up than my usual un-tucked business. And the bonus: showing off your killer kitty-kitty belt. 

What didn't: The sleeves on the silk shirt were too short and distracted from the polished look I was hoping to achieve. The red hat, once charming is getting a bit too nappy to keep wearing and the effect was anything but professional.
"My idea of conservative was using classic prints, only I wore them all at once, like an amped-up secretary on amphetamines."
Want to read more office-attire inspirations?  
Check out the New Professional-

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File it under E for Experience. This Rosebud is keeping her heat in the kitchen.


Now Wearing:
  • Thrifted- red knit golf hat
  • Thrifted- Vintage cheetah print coat
  • Thrifted- Silk polka dot shirt
  • Thrifted- F-21 cotton blouse w/bow
  • Thrifted- animal print belt
  • Joe's Jeans, closet staple
  • Dr. Scholl's Platform Mary Janes 


A BRIT GREEK said...

I am impressed Bella! That's real inspiration from Angeline's side - i cannot believe she went without shopping for 365 days! Yikes!

I love the layering and the cute stripe blouse, with the leopard accents and of course the pop of colour in your hat, me likes!
i'm so used to seeing you in some sort of floral print somewhere, so yes, this is new!

feministified said...

Ohmy Bella, you are adorable!! Amped up on amphetamines or not, I absolutely love it. xoxo

Sara Kristiina said...

You look so gorgeous!
I looove that blouse with a bow! :)
And that coat!

autumn, coffee and inspiration

mispapelicos said...

Thank you my lovely Bella, i did submitted my post to IFB, but it is never my intention to be chosen , but to be amongst the IFB crowed.
I love your new professional look.
I am finding wonderful blog to follow through you. I shall keep a close eye on the new professional´s blog.
I have decided to visit you one day in the future yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don´t know how or when, but we shall meet.
MIl besos corazón.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

No shopping for a year - s'a big ask for me but I totally admire anyone that can do it. I love the interest of the pattern mix-up here. Leopard print and flashes of monochrome work well.
You look absolutely gorgeous!
xx Comtesse xx

Marta said...

not shopping for the whole entire year? too mig challenge!
i really, really like this outfit - differs from those you showed previously, but it is casua, chic and so fresh!

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I love this outfit B, I think this is my fave thing I have seen you wear. You look amazing in jeans and I adore the red beret. FABULOUS x

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love your amped up Conservatism!!
You mix patterns really well and I am in to mixing lately...some co-workers look at me funny when i do it, but I don't care!! This outfit works and it is fun and it is you!

Come over to my site and enter my Vintage Inspired Contest!!

The Semi Sweet said...

I love your spin on the outfit. The layered shirts are cute! And I would love to stumble on a hat like that at a thrift store. It's so bright and cheery.

Anonymous said...

I really like the layered shirtsleeves - they may not look totally office-professional but they remind me of a barkeep or dealer of cards or butcher, with those metal sleeve garters. It's sharp!

My Heart Blogged said...

I really like your spin on it. I think you still look professional. I don't shop a lot, and barely buy anything new. I'm also a huge cheapskate. Two pairs of $15 boots from charlotte russe was a big purchase for me last week. But, I don't know if I could do a whole year without shopping. Thrift shopping is a fun hobby for me, and it's something cheap I love to do.
My Heart Blogged

Anupriya DG said...

Commendable effort Bella! Like the way you've mixed the stripes with the animal print.....though personally I feel that the red is a bit too loud for the rest of the outfit & is generally destroying the balance of the whole thing......but of course, it's entirely a personal opinion!
Anyways...thanx a lot for introducing me to Angeline's lovely blog!!

Anonymous said...

Rosebud--I never would have guessed initially that The New Professional was your inspiration, but I can see it. I LIKE your interpretation--the contrasting patterns in the blouses are still very you and yet recognizably Angeline.

Leia said...

I love the combination of leopard print and red! I'm also so impressed that many of your items are thrifted :)


Anonymous said...

Love it! Too cute. I feel like this is something I would wear to work too :) I bet working with you or Angeline would be so much fun!

Jeanelle said...

I agree, until recently I totally under estimated the power of a cute, little belt to pull an outfit together. I wish I could wear denim at work but I'll try everything else in this 'newly professional' outfit!


stylenuggets said...

Me likey too! Tres chic, Bella.

Heather Fonseca said...

Great outfit! I'd wear it to work, especially if the AC was on high. Two shirts look like a nice alternative to a sweater.

I love your quote and how you made it bigger. Very Vanity Fair interview-esque.


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Bella! This is honestly one of my favorite outfits of yours. Seriously, top 3. You look absolutely darling! I love the color combination. So cute and chic. I know Angeline was your inspiration, but I have to give you most of the credit -- after all, these were your items! Mad props!!! :)

Angeline said...

GIRL! You rock this look! I think you've soared beyond what I could have done. Love it!

JTWisdom said...

Hey Bella!

Great job. That's a cool outfit you put together. I love the animal print coat and the wedge shoes. The hat adds charm.

I cannot wear jeans to work.
So jeans are my weekend or going to church wear.


Anonymous said...

Bella, you look HOT! I love you in denim. The striped top is precious with the little bow at the neck and I adore how you paired the stripes with leopard print. The belt is just perfect. I love the inspiration behind this look and the way you infused your own personality into it. x

tinyjunco said...

just. great.

love the way the red hat (!) is balanced by the round black chunkier shoe. and wonderful blouse-layering! the clean shape of the leopard jacket pulls the look together nicely as well.

it all goes to show the wisdom of taking inspiration from people you admire, even if there isn't a straight line from their style to yours. also the brilliance of shopping your closet! (and this look is a far cry from 'wearing my pj's all winter', Bella! ;)

take care, steph

Unknown said...

I am OBSESSED with this!!! You look phenominal, and I LOVE this. LOVE. Everything about it is perfect, and you look amazing...(nothing unusual there). :)


I love how this look is inspired by Angeline and is so not Bella, but is! Maybe it's not right for the office, but it's all right by me. Love this! And the accompanying narrative.


Vanessa said...

I love all the playful pattern mixing. Especially the stripe of the blouse with the spot of animal print! It all works very well!

Beautifully Invisible said...

Ohh I love it. I could never get away with wearing it at the office (we have a fairly strict NO JEANS policy) but I love it as a more casual look.

It may not be typical Bella, but I think it suits you really well. You are the master at mixing prints. Amazing.

Isquisofrenia said...

oh i just adore this outfit
the red hat gives it the extra loveliness to it
so pretty here!!

Good Eye said...

I wear jeans almost every day! So bad. Every morning I wake up & tell myself I have to wear something else, but with the two kids to get ready I'm usually left with about 10 minutes to pull it together & rush out the door.

I'm a lot like your friend though. Most of my clothes come from the thrift shop. What I can't afford, I try to make. I will throw down for a pair of shoes every few months though. OOps! ;)

I think you look great in jeans! I'm shocked that you don't wear them more! Those Joe's are crucial. Loving the layered tops, too. And you know I love that coat. Meow!

Anonymous said...

Looking edgy chic! I love the animal print and the stripes. I love hearing where other's draw their inspiration from :)


when BABI speaks said...

i love everything from this look! preppy yet chic!
you are such an inspiration! :-)


the Citizen Rosebud said...

You are sweet! I love the outfit that Pam of Over50feeling40 posted, inspired by my look inspired by Angeline! How's that for Blogger influence?

Pearl Westwood said...

Love this outfit, the beret and the blouse work so well!

coco kailee said...

I loooove this outfit, a great take on Angeline's office wear. I love that it's still very much so you though; and you look adorable in it. That beret is way cute on you! <3

xoxo coco

Linda said...

I can see the inspiration. But you definitely made it your own, which makes it wonderful.

The Auspicious Life

Reddest Roar said...

Well that has got to be one of the quotes of the week. Love the red hat - adds an interesting quirk to your 'secretary on amphetamines' look... :)