Thursday, September 16, 2010

outfit post: Going Places

I'll admit, sometimes I'm a little more fixed on where I'm going next than to what I'm doing now. So I forget to bask and savor the pleasures of the present. Usually my mind is headlong into the plans of my future. So today, I'm going to sit back and smell the coffee. Take a real day off. Enjoy. 

Wearing some transitional Fall layers with my gingham seersucker romper. Only in California folks: leggy seersucker, a sweater AND knee-highs. Alas, the day warmed up, as Septembers are still summer in Sac-town, so I wore my cotton striped sweater as a scarf, and cruised around the alley-ways of Curtis Park to burn off some of the jet from my second double latte.

Wishing you all a happy Thursday, 
and remember: Style Over Speed. 
 Now Wearing: 
  • Thrifted: Houndstooth Fedora
  • Mui-Mui sunglasses, now over 5 years old
  • Target: Striped Cardigan, bought on clearance
  • Target: Gingham, seersucker romper
  • Thrifted: vintage Red leather shoulder bag
  • Target: grey knee-high socks
  • Thrifted: vintage Black leather slouchy boots


Nora-transient*treasures said...

You are so awesome!!! LOVE the hat and boots!

Isquisofrenia said...

i just bought some knee socks in black
but now i want them in gray cuz you look so good in them
i love the romper you look so amazing!!!
and yes only in california ,
we are so lucky no?

mispapelicos said...

I am sooooooooooo glad to know that you are taking time to savor life.
That´s the secret of happyness in my opinion.
I love your lay back outfit:confortable and chic.
Un abrazo muy fuerte.

Sara Kristiina said...

Aww you look so lovely! Great outfit :)


Marta said...

this outfit is so fantastic! love its every single piece! and the last photo is so adorable! enjoy your day off!

Annie Lollapalooza said...

cute romper =) i miss bike riding! the weather hasn't been good here in vancouver!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this!!!!!!!!
I am so consumed with next week, next year, and so on, that I worry and fret the perfectly good "now".
I think I'll have a cappucino (misspelled) and enjoy reading blogs :)

The Creative Bohemian said...

Lovin' the boots, but I plan to hold on to my sandals for as long as I can here in NY.


Anonymous said...

Love the pop of the red shoulder bag. xo Mish

Heather Fonseca said...

I always think of the So. California Fall and Winter look as girls all bundled up in sweaters and jackets, wearing sandals! I know that's what I do in everything but the coldest (i.e. 50 degree) weather.

It must be great to live where you can bike around. I see people doing it here but they're really taking their lives in their hands.