Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is how you rock it!

These photos were sent to me via Facebook, and they are of two lovelies wearing Citizen Rosebud. While it is Mama Q who does the sewing in our line of re-purposed vintage, it's me, Bella who goes button crazy over everything. I personally find "button-beading" a very modern way of embellishing, and I relish sharing my life-long collection of vintage buttons, and  my button obsession with you!

The first photo is taken of Kelly, taken with her camera-phone so the picture is kind of fuzzy, but crystal clear is what a stone-cold fox Kelly is in her Citizen Rosebud short-alls. Please note the bib pocket swarming with brown buttons, and she pairs it well with a belted waist and some kick-ass cowboy boots. 

The photos below were taken by my gal pal, Kerry and the picture is of the an urban farm vixen we like to call JT. JT is wearing a Citizen Rosebud embellished LBD (Little Black Dress)  that fits her like a dream, pure Audrey Hepburn at a hoe-down. There is alternating rows of black and white buttons sewn along the edges of the ruffles and around the neck of the dress. This labor of love took me 20 hours to create. And it feels good to know that people appreciate the work and wear it so well.

Thanks, Kelly & JT for looking so bloomingly beautiful in Citizen Rosebud!

For future one-of-a-kind vintage finds & button beadings, be sure to favorite my Etsy shop!


mispapelicos said...

I love buttons too. There is something magical about them. I always keep them for future use. You are an absolute artist.
Wonderful black dress.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet!!! Love the second dress!

Nora-transient*treasures said...

LOVE these! AWESOME work! My daughter has been embellishing with buttons for several years. Next time I see ya, I'll show you the canvas tote bag she customized for me. :~)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Looking forward to seeing it, Nora! <3

Heather Fonseca said...

I love your button dress! It's the sort of thing one could wear all the time, but it would always look whimsical.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you Heather! I'm hoping JT will wear her dress all the time.