Saturday, September 18, 2010

Live Music, Local Ballet

Last night was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring evenings I've spent in a very long time. I was one of the lucky folks who packed into the Crest Theatre to see the Pamela Hayes Ballet Troupe perform to live, local music. 

This charitable performance far exceeded my expectations. Beautifully choreographed (by Zara Hayes) and wonderfully danced, the performances were dream-like, poetic and dynamic. It was mind-altering to see classically trained dancers move to the pulse & rhythm of contemporary music, and what could have come off as awkwardly arty instead breathed new perspective in the future of ballet. 

The stand-out musical performances were, in my opinion, Exquisite Corps, and Sister Crayon, sounding lush and melodic, reminding me of early '90's sounds like David Sylvian, the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil. The audience and the dancers seemed to have the strongest response to the Exquisite Corps, but Sister Crayon's soaring soparano is destined to haunt us long after the stage curtain falls. 


The photographs are courtesy of the multi-talented Dana Gumbiner, who sat front row with his gorgeous family and captured much of the artistry and beauty of the show with his shots.


luciana said...

oh so beautiful :)

ashleyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience

mispapelicos said...

I love watching wonderful dancers, It feels like it is me out there floating about effortlessly.
I am so glad that you had a super night out!!!Thank you for sharing.