Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 quick questions: Wade & Associates

Meet Jen Wade.  
Jen Wade is a Sacramento-based fashion blogger who also moonlights as an environmental consultant. 
Her blog is Wade and Associates (
She assures me that she is not an off-duty model but just a person who loves fashion very much. It shows. 
She is simply stunning in her easy-going California chic, and you'll find her featured this week on Street Style SACRAMENTO
In the meanwhile, enjoy a Rosebud/Wade Q & A:

Q: Who/What inspires you?
A: My mom was a disco cutie and she has always inspired me. I've gotten a lot of great stuff from her closet from the '70s and early '80s that I always wear. Some examples include a denim vest with bronze buttons, gold chain belts, sequin clutches. 
I got the love of fur (including faux fur) from my grandma.
My recent celebrity crush is Alexa Chung. She's a British model/celebrity but you'll see her in American fashion magazines too. She mixes preppy, vintage, rocker pieces and always looks adorable.

Q: What's your favorite food? 
A: I'd kill for some crème brûlée.

Q: Newest style obsession?
A:  It's kind of funny my latest style obsession is not clothes. Big, messy, picked out, wavy hair. My hair is growing out and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I need to find a deep wave styling iron. Store the straightening iron ladies! I've also been picking up skinny belts (easy to find at any thrift store) and still looking for more high-waist jeans.

Q: If you could start a charity, what would it be?
A: A shelter or thrift store/clothing distribution center to help the homeless, particularly single mothers with children and pregnant women. They keep talking about a plan to address homelessness in Sacramento but they keep changing it (read about it here) - so they don't really have a plan. I believe strongly in non-profits and private organizations. The government isn't a reliable source of social services - when the economy tanks or certain parties get elected the services start to disappear.
Q: What fashion magazines do you read? Which one is your favorite?
A:  Harper's Bazaar is the only subscription I have. I pick up different things at Newsbeat like Italian Vogue or Look (a British WEEKLY! I've been disappointed with American Vogue lately - the ads are totally out of control. The Elle Collections books are my absolute favorite. I could look at runway photos all day. I'm getting more of my fashion news from iPhone apps and the Internet these days.

Get your fix of Jen Wade & Associates at her blog on wordpress, or find her on Facebook!

On another note: Please put Roz in your prayers today for a successful operation and a speedy recovery. As many of you may know, Roz is the brilliant mind and beauty behind the British blog: Clothes Cameras and Coffee, and today she'll be in surgery to treat her scoliosis. My thoughts and prayers are with her family today, and for a safe and successful operation. Get well soon, chica! 


jemina said...

She is stunning indeed, WOW, I need to go to Sacramento stat, imagine all of the beautiful people there (and that includes you amiga) :))

Wishing you LOVE, happiness, and true abundance

your amiga

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thanks, JJ. She's a beaute. And would so love to see you in Sacramento. We're just a bus ride away from Singapore, lol.

jemina said...

and my prayers go to Roz and her family, I wish her a speedy and un-complicated recovery


PS: I must MUST must go to see you one day, or perhaps you can come and see me LOL, KISSES for you hun, MWAH!!!

kristy said...

this is awesome, i love her and the fact that she's an environmentalist. i can't wait to check her out. thanks for sharing this with us bella my dear!

my love to roz and her family!! i wish her a speedy recovery as well.

Vogue Gone Rogue

Marta said...

she is fabulous as well! (just vistited your style sacramento blog)

mispapelicos said...

She is lovely, and I think that it is wonderful of you to introduce her to us.
I have also visited Roz´s blog.
I am sure that she will be find, and i will be able to tell her so in her blog soon.

natale eve said...

Nice job Jen! And Bella of course :)I've definitely got the mom's closet syndrome recently as well, and I ADORE Alexa Chung.

Annie Lollapalooza said...

thanks for sharing bella! she is gorgeous, can't wait to check her out =)

Isquisofrenia said...

in the 2photo she remeinds me of daisy lowe a bit

Leia said...

She is gorgeous, what a great interview! I had no idea about Roz, I'll definitely send positive thoughts her way :)


Unknown said...

thanks for the info on the music :)
i tried to make "theme music" but others have said they can't read it at work , etc......
I have considered it many times , so it is going away for sure now :)
I like to share everything i'm feeling / into at the time, but I can see where it would be annoying. Not everyone has the same taste as well.
Thanks again for your advise. I am even gonna post it that it is gone, so that other's won't delay in reading or commenting.
I really do appreciate your imput and honesty ~ You always keep me on my toes :)

T said...

Love her! Such fabulkous style. I wish my mom kept her old clothes - she kind of the opposite of a hoader. : )

All the best to Roz! Wishing her a speedy recovery!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

love you REVA!
@ Fashion Butter: Will you have good clothes you plan to pass down?

Thank you all for your lovely comments!

Isquisofrenia said...

i can totally see you wearing stripe pants!!!

theequinebovine said...

woot! love the interview!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bella and ladies! Can't wait for the next blogger meet-up - go Sacramento! Also my mom just sent me a box of her old vests, a lot of quilted ones = I'm in heaven ;)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ah, Jen, I can't wait for our next meetup. Hey, looking forward in see you model your vintage vests!