Sunday, September 19, 2010

stage right

It wasn't just the ballet troupe that dolled up for the occasion last Friday night. Sacramento's kreative kulture was out in full force looking irrepressibly, well, creative. I was having such a grand time, swilling Modelo Negros & Pyramid IPA's and chatting with the lovely Kerry Dolan, that my camera, brought along for the ride, stayed snugly nestled in my back-pack most of the evening.  I didn't feel like viewing my evening through a lens, but wanted to fully participate in it, and sometimes, being chronicler of an event keeps me from that. 

But I did manage to capture some creative souls on life's catwalk. 

This lovely lady was one that Kerry kept pointing out- her style at once fresh and effortless and stylish. Kerry snapped a few pics, paparazzi style after the show, and hopefully you can see what beautiful poise and elegance this woman possesses, the crisp sway of her walk, the gentle swish of her beautiful full skirt.
Note the amazing sleeves of her shrug. The mixed prints on the skirt. Gorgeous. 
And this wouldn't be the first time Kerry captured her for the Rosebud. We also shot  her in her incredible style at the LAUNCH a while back. See her amazing detailing on the back of her top, below.

Here, you see the talented but camera shy Kerry. She's pretty good behind the camera, but a bit squirmy in front of one. Still cute as a button, ya?
 And speaking of talent, here's a quick shot of musician Ruben before the show. I was so busy admiring his mariachi pants, that I didn't even realize that I knew him until after I asked to take his picture, LOL. He was a pretty good sport about it. Ruben is a band member of Drifting Shapes.
 Memo to self: get yourself a pair of bad-ass mariachi pants.


Marta said...

happy to hear that you enjoyed the show! i wish i could join the event too! did you know that i wanted to be a ballet dancer when i was a child? well, they told me i'm too plump. oh, well... ruben's pants are amazing!

mispapelicos said...

Beautiful lady, lovely shy kerry, lovely music. What a wonderful post for a sunday afternoon.
Te abrazo fuerte.

luciana said...

lovely post and beautiful pictures :)

ashleyn said...

You are always so sweet lady! I would love to see you in a pair of mariachi pants.

Heather Fonseca said...

It looks like you had a great time. I know what you mean about not wanting to take out your camera. Sometimes I really want to just enjoy the moment too.

stylenuggets said...

Great paparazzi shots. Those mariachi pants are the best

Little Monarch said...

ummm those mariachi pants are too cool for words. also this song you have posted is making my hair stand on end.

and thanks for your comment on my blog post :)

I think you are really brave too. I have a scar on my chest which I really don't like the look of but instead of just realising that it is apart of who I am I hide it which means I never wear low cut tops. its hard sometimes.

Brandy Shaloo said...

I love the outfit the girl is wearing.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Brandy, I love that woman's style. Next time I see her, I need to beg her to start a style blog!