Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello dear readers,  

Stateside, things have been a bit rough, what with a tanked economy, a politically charged climate and strident divisions of opinion on how to deal with our basket full of problems. Victory gardens aside, my hope is for everyone to tighten their fashionable belts and save their pennies by spending wisely.

Sacramento boutique Cuffs has a little patriotic incentive to shop their online shop this weekend holiday. Go to and save some green.  Mention "firecracker" when you checkout and get 15% off your purchase.

On a very happy note, it was quite a treat to get a mention on as a "Style Blogs of the Week." Featured are some really wonderful bloggers, and I'm honored to see the Citizen Rosebud counted among them.

Included is one of my favorites, local stylista extraordinaire, Lisa M of  Starship Narcissus. She has incredible style and rocks a finely curated thrift-store clothing collection, as well as being an intensely lovely person.

(the incredible Lisa of Starship Narcissus)

Here, I sm, showing you my American Casual outfit. I wore this to work today. Still sporting the stripes ala Americana, The shrug was an old ringer tee that said "USA COACH" Now is says: your arms are covered."

Now Wearing:
  • D.I.Y. jersey knit shrug
  • Navy/Grey striped tank top
  • Vintage '60's red/white/blue flower broach, thrifted
  • L.E.I. short shorts, thrifted (Thrift Town)
  • Lancome striped bag, thrifted (Thrift Outlet)
  • Red Converse, Target


Sara Kristiina said...

Wow I like your outfit (: That jersey is fab!


Autumn, Coffee and Inspiration

jemina said...

I Love how you mix your red white and blue here babe, this is called americana done in the right way, love love love, jemina, xoxo, and congrats for the feature, you more than deserve it, XOXO

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

congrats on getting mentioned. i love your daisy pin!! There's something about Daisies that to me screams "USA!" I would LOVE to have a star-spangled romper like on that flyer!
I love your solution of victory gardens. We grow so many of our own vegetables, which cuts down on the gas that needs to be used to transport produce. Sorry to tangent but I can barely turn on the TV to look at whats going on in the Gulf its so sad.

Anonymous said...

you look so cute!

Marta said...

amazing casual look! love the flower...

Searching for Rosebud said...

Congrats on your recognition. You so have the 4th covered- we should create a 1st week of July where all you can wear is r w & b stuff! Have a great 4th!!!!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thank you all, dear friends. I so appreciate EVERY comment you make, and all the support and positive words you share. It really means a lot.

The flower is a hoot isn't it? I now have a budding collection of these little '60's pins. One of these days I need to do a feature on them.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the mention! Exciting stuff. Still loving the stripes.

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

I love that American flag dress on your previous post. Super cute!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Thanks you TEF, and Estefany!

Yaary said...

ohh cute oufitt! so casual as you said .. for everyday ;)

Collin Budd said...

Like the outfits. You are very creative and stylish, it's great to see you have so much fun getting dressed up.