Saturday, July 17, 2010

Third Saturday

This cutie pie's name is Michelle Waugh. She is a 15 year-old singer-songwriter from Sacramento, and she handed me this flyer when I rode up to the Westfield Downtown Plaza, ready to check out SN&R's Third Saturday event at the mall. There was going to be a fashion show at 3:30 p.m. featuring some original designs of Crimson & Clover, so I wanted to check 'em out. This chanteuse informed me that she would be going on at 3 and would very much appreciate if I'd come by and watch her. I think she was with her mom, who was showing her support by holding her guitar.
This is Michelle Waugh on stage at 3 pm. Her voice is as sweet as that face. I think I got a cavity just listening to that sweetness.  You can listen to some of Michelle's music here.  And you can fan her on FACEBOOK.
This wonderful lady is Debbie, and along with her daughter Lisa, make beautiful things out of boldly printed vintage and re-purposed fabric. Like kid's clothes. And baby stuff. And APRONS.  Very cute aprons. They made these things under the label Mudhoney Boutique and also sells on Etsy. You can find out more at:
Debbie was such a good sport. She agreed to model my favorite apron and even had another customer model one as well. I didn't catch the nice lady's name but she's from Missouri. She wanted me to also take a picture (she LOVED the aprons too) on her iPhone. I said, show me.
And then, the fashion show started. 
Ok, so I'm a terrible journalist. I forgot to write down the first designer's name. Niki Heat isn't it, that's the character written by Nathan Fillion's character on Castle, and I digress. But it sounded something like that. Like Kiko Vargas. Only not.
Then it was Crimson & Clover's turn. I could tell, because that's what was playing while the girls walked the runway. Crimson & Clover. Catchy song. Still buzzing in my head. 

So now a total aside. See the fox above? I must have taken 3 or 4 pictures of her. And pretty much botched the rest of C&C's girls. Kept snapping models backsides. So sue me. Well this  tiny, itsy-bitsy creature of stunning-ness is the blogger behind Where The Heart Resides. I know this because I'm a regular reader of her blog, and she, creature of delight that she was, recognized me from my blog photos. How swell is that? Well, also swell is the dim memory of me  lurching at her with a sticky stinky hug, before she scuttled off to change. You rock, Ashlee. Sorry about the sweaty hug.

And these two foxy ladies are the brains and the brawn behind the awesomeness that is Crimson & Clover. And Flaming Hag Folkwear. And Porkchop Rules. Aren't they adorable? Yeah. Yes, they are.
Check out both of their amazing and delicious caramel-colored leather shoes. Yum.
And these are the sexy stylin's of award winning designer Phoenix Rain. The gents in the audience liked this show the best.
Ladies and Gentleman, and especially the gentlemen, may I present you: Phoenix Rain.
 And on that note, I'm heading over into Macy's where they have ice-cold air conditioning.

7/20/2010 Edit: I've just been informed by a thoughtful intern at SN&R, that the designer for the first part of the fashion show is named Tiana Vega.


theequinebovine said...

Great pics! Wish I was there. I am thinking I am going to request to be off the next 3rd Saturday so I can go..btw, what did you wear!?

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Hey Chica, you missed quite a show! Only it was hot as blazes out under the sun. But fun. Yeah, let's go next time together, and sip some tasty IPA at River City Brewing Company, too!

Outfit post going up on Monday. You will likey!

luciana said...

She has a wonderful voice. I love her music and the fashionshow there looks wonderful. Love the outfits, especially the first.

Lisa said...

sounds like a fun evening!

jemina said...

How FABULOUS, and those foxy ladies are awesome, not only they are beautiful but they are brainy and creative too, kudos to everyone, and kudos to you my dear for sharing this amazingness with us, LOVE LOVE, j, xoxo

kristy said...

hi!! i'm loving these fashion show photos. thanks for sharing them.

thank you for the super sweet comment on my blog. you are so kind. it made me blush. =)

Vogue Gone Rogue

Marta said...

fabulous post! i adore one of the foxy ladies tats! incredible!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Those aprons are so much fun!! Almost makes me want to cook...almost. hahaha. Sounds like you had quite the weekend!!

xoxo, Ashley

Arielle said...

lovely photographs! this looked like so much fun

the Citizen Rosebud said...

it was a blast. but suuuper hot. if it wasn't for the a/c in Macy's (and the shoe sale..) I would have melted.

and i've got to hand it to prof photographers at fashion shows. it's harder than it looks. i keep taking shots that i thought were good, and it would turn out to be the second that they turned. so a lot of pics of models backs.

OneCraftyFox said...

This looks like so much fun!! I found you browsing the Rosebuds list. Hope you had a great weekend :)


Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

♥ V

Wynne Prasetyo said...

this is quite a post, i like how you even mention the singer and the apron-seller when your main point is the show itself. there are little things in life that we sometimes miss out :')

the Citizen Rosebud said...

V, I had such a great weekend! 3 days of fun stuff to do. LOVED every second of it.

@ Wayne, thank you for noticing. I try to show as many (relevant) details possible, hoping that you'll feel like you too, were there. (wouldn't that BE great? you and me at a fashion show? which one would you take me too? Chloe? Prada? YSL? hmmm?)

Missa said...

Yay! A picture with Nicole's pretty head in it :) hehe

the Citizen Rosebud said...

the mysterious and BEAUTIFUL Nicole Honeyeater!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a fun fun day!!! Thanks for sharing!