Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the TRUNK show

Just a few photos of some wonderful ladies who came to last Sunday's trunk show. I know, I know, I should have taken more photos of the event, of the set-up (because it was the cleanest the HQ had been in a loooong while) and of the fashions
But I didn't. I forgot all about the camera until we were in full try-on swing & somehow the thought of half-naked ladies didn't seem like good idea to put on the blog. I did shoot a hand-full of pictures, nearing the end, when everybody was wrapping things up and getting ready to go. I'm thankful that a  few of the ladies let me snap some shots w/ their purchases.
Good sports each and every one. I was most taken with this blossom, who for me, epitomizes the Citizen Rosebud aesthetic. She showed up wearing a gorgeous fuchsia pink jersey-knit dress recently picked up from the Loft. She bought a pair of black & white stripe espadrille wedges and a black polka dot belt, added them to her outfit and wore them out the door. She was heading to a matinee, looking quite the movie starlet.
 In fact, I thought she resembled Gillian Andersen, the actress who played Scully in the X-files. I asked her if anybody else told her that. She nodded and told me she also gets compared to Julianne Moore, especially when her hair was dyed red. Well, she definitely has Moore's & Andersens classic movie star beauty and their killer cheekbones. But her nonchalant chic style was all Citizen Rosebud.  


jemina said...

Looks so fun, I wish I could be there and that lady she is a beauty, I love her smile, she is definitely a rosebud citizen, beautiful post darling, xoxo

Lucia ♥ said...

Cute espadrilles!!!
By looking at those pics you can tell you guys had a blast!!

Sara Lynn said...

Oh this lloked like fun! I totally see the Gillian Anderson in her! Which is great because she was my idol when I was a tween lol. I really like the black and white items with her pink dress, looks great :)

Luci Ana said...

Great pictures. And the Outfits are so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

i really love the stripey espadrilles!

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Sometimes I do also forget to bring back my camera or simply to take loads of picturs...but these few shots are quite nice, love the details and these girls dresses! :-)

Isquisofrenia said...

omg i want to go to the next one hahha
i live so far from you though=(
everybody looks just so good!

Hannah said...

These ladies are so stylin! It looks like this was a fabulous time.

The Photodiarist said...

Such fun photos. You all look as though you had a blast!


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