Saturday, July 17, 2010

the salt mines

This is what I wore to work.

Notice the sensible shoes. 

When I get to work, I change out of my shoes and put on my chef clogs. I also don a vintage inspired apron made just for me by my mamacita and get to work. I'm a cook, so I get to cooking. I've been working in kitchens for a few decades now,  and I specialize in organic, vegetarian fare. I'm an ardent supporter of the SLOW FOOD movement and buying seasonal locally grown ingredients when possible. And I LOVE living in California. Because it's easy to grow things here. Awesome and tasty things. 

Pretty plain Jane, huh? Yep, that's real life for you. Can't wear your Louboutins in the kitchen or you're going to catch heat.

Now Wearing: 
  • Black Bishop T-shirt, F-21
  • Black polka-dot scarf on head, thrift store
  • Jean shorts, on clearance, Target
  • Black leather skimmers, on sale,  Target


luciana said...

Gorgeous. Absolutely easy comfortable look :) Love your smile!

jemina said...

Well, that little polka dot head scarf sure add the OOMPH for an otherwise simple and chic outfit, I wish we were neighbours chica so I can taste your cooking, must be delicious :)), happy weekend :), XOXO


Ha! I agree with's all about the headscarf! It's very retro and practical for your line of work. See...even in the kitchen one can have flair!

♥ V

Marta said...

i didn't know that you're a cook! now i know whom i'll asks for advice how not to spoil a chicken with curry! love this simple look!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Marta, ask away!xo.

The Creative Bohemian said...

Oh, if only I COULD wear shorts and a t to work. Even on casual Friday, we still need to look like we work in an office.

I think you look great!


Unknown said...

you look so the flats! from Target?!? great find!
xox alison

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love the polka dot accessory in your hair, it really finishes off the outfit nicely!

natale eve said...

Love the pin up style

Violet Folklore said...

Plain Jane but truly adorable and flattering and classy as all get out. I heart this.