Sunday, May 15, 2011

outfit post: Street Style Citizen

It is no secret that I LOVE street style. Today's outfit was definitely inspired by a previous fashion incarnation of my former self. Think back when most of you were babies, and I was stomping around the Castro and the Mission District in San Francisco in my college days discovering life after Sabbath school. It was the mid-'80's, and friends, I was having a very good time. That is when I discovered street culture, street style and loved seeing the wild characters from my 'hood. 

I loved the carnival of it: the bright techni-colored hair, the modern primitive tattoos and piercings, the gypsy layers of silver jewelry that seemed grow like vines over every finger, wrist and ear. I was intrigued by the influence of underground culture elements  burgeoning into the mainstream. I loved going into corner bars and seeing business suits mixing with kids in fetish gear. People weren't dressing for success; they were dressing to express.

My name is Bella Q and I am a personal style blogger.
So for my present day, I am as much inspired by fashions from my personal past as much as what I see in the shops. I love the occasional nod to nostalgia, while keeping it fresh and in the moment. Today, we are so very, very lucky to dress however we please and in what pleases us: I relish my freedom to express my mood, my culture and my values in my mode of dress. Which today is very, very street.
I am sure the Sartorialist would find me boring. Maybe that's why I prefer Street Style Aesthetics
Now Wearing:
  • vintage checkered cotton handkerchief
  • white heart sunglasses- Prevues
  • hand-me-down army jacket
  • cute skull pins- Fringe on 21
  • freebie- re-worked Obey T-shirt
  • beige lace camisole top-Thrift Town
  • l.e.i. light rinse jean shorts- Thrift Town
  • BUTT UGLY- U.K. print linen hand-bag
  • vintage mechanic boots- thrifted


Sara Kristiina said...

Bella this is nice!
And I looove 80's, and I was born in 1992 :D Movies, clothes, and music! Would have been nice to see that century :)

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Bella, you look unbelievable - fabulous. I love the sunglasses and the 'tude! xxx

That's Not My Age said...

San Francisco sounds fantastic - I've only been once and that was about 15 years ago but I loved the laid-back feel of the place. I went to college in Manchester (England) and had the best time. Leaving home and as you say, discovering life and dressing to express, are all a part of growing-up and make us who we are today.

Love the glasses and the gingham scarf.

Lisa-Marie said...

Love the mixture of hard and soft shapes and textures, awesome.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

"people weren't dressing for success, they were dressing for express" I love that line!!! Believe it or not, in my little conservative world, my goal is to blend the two!! I think that is possible and fun to do!! you are such a good writer, Bella!! I love your street style today and the story behind it!!

Shybiker said...

Street fashion is a welcome antidote to the bourgeouis culture found at the mall. You wear it well.

Your audience varies in age; we're not all young. In the 1980's, I'd just gotten out of law school and was working at my first job.

Claire Justine said...

Love the street style, looks great :)

Vix said...

I absolutely love your description of silver jewellery growing over the fingers like vines. Pure poetry.
You look fabulous.
I love street fashion. When I was a teen in the early 80's Boy George had a squat in my town, he absolutely fascinated me with his radical style and attitude, I think he's been a massive influence. xxx

Audrey Allure said...

Great look! I really love your white sunnies :)

Anupriya DG said...

Aaah! The rebellious side of Bella re-visited! ;)

Great outfit, as usual.......feels nice to take a peek into your past.....the past that made our dear Bella into the wonderful woman she is today! :))

mistytewest said...

ROCK on Bella with your inspired street look...I instantly want to go bad ass just like you are...I love the incorporation of everything in this outfit...I miss you babe!!!


Unknown said...

I can feel the throwback to the past but it's also modern and edgy. You look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I love your combat boots and head scarf!


Lauren Nicole
Front Row Spectator

Barbara von Enger said...

Your words are like pearls. I adore SF - spent some time there.
I like the last outfit best - it's far more playful and fun;-)

annimal said...

I always feel an authentic "street" vibe from you, you are true to your roots! Those roots have supported your evolution into a beautiful and inspiring woman I am proud to call a friend! And yea, everyone needs to ignore Shatorialist and follow Wayne, he rox!

The Semi Sweet said...

It just occurred to me that you may have been brushing elbows with my cousin during those days in the 80s. He was stomping in that scene as well. I vividly remember him sporting these rad earrings all up his ear, orange and blond hair, and tattoos. I think he was 19 or 20 at the time.

Anywho, I love your nod to that era and your awesome style you've got going on.

My Heart Blogged said...

They way you write is like a love letter to your city. It makes me want to pick up, and move there. I really like this outfit. It's strong, and still inviting.
My Heart Blogged

Reddest Roar said...

Looking good...

"People weren't dressing for success; they were dressing to express." You're so good with the slogans! Still trying to squeeze in 'narcissism on the go'...

Unknown said...

I like your pictures, and you look fun! I have a funny feeling that your closet is just exploding with fun, actually. Random thought at the moment - whenever I see heart shaped glasses, I think of that Marilyn Manson song "Don't Break My Heart Shaped Glasses". See? I told you. Random.


Stephanie Loudmouth said...

I so wish I could've been a teenager in the 80s romping around Sactown with you!

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit!! The heart sunnies are very popular this year, very cute!!


Marissa said...

Well, after this post, I think it's about time you showed us some photos of you in your San Fransisco days! I'd love to see how your style has evolved.

P.S. - What is Sabbath school?

Ofelia said...

Street fashion is more alive in areas where people have to walk and mingle than in areas like the one I live on; were almost everyone wears the same boring jeans and tshirts or tshirts and shorts and drive around all day.
Love you cool outfit!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the look, especially the bag! London Calling, for sure!


Shybiker said...

Hi buddy, got your note. I passed 40 a while ago -- I'm 53 years old. In my mind, I'm 24 but my driver's license says otherwise. I'd be honored to be on your blogroll. :)

Helga said...

Rockin' it!!!
LOVE those sunnies,and your legs!
Ah,I had a great time in the 80's.I was into Goth,but everybody mingled,everybody was just getting on with expressing themselves and having a blast! Those were the days!

Unknown said...

both fierce and feminine! <3

Lee Oliveira said...

If I see someone wearing like you are wearing now.. I would be so happy.
This outfit screams freedom and comfy.
Can I have you glasses? ahaha
Lee x

Anonymous said...

I love street-wear!!! You look awesome and adore the heart-shaped sunnies!!!

p.s. I'm hosting a fabulous giveaway! :)


Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh i think your street culture rocks Bella Q! and i love the thrifted boots and those heart sunnies.

tinyjunco said...

oh Bella, those were fun days indeed! i remember seeing the dead kennedys at rock against reagan 1984 - talk about inspiration, every punk in nocal seemed to be there (along with the entire secret service - talk about style shock! ;)

at the same time, tho your outfit is inspired by the 1980's it looks really fresh to me - fun, casual, practical, ageless/timeless (what's decade do gingham, lace, o.d. surplus wear belong to? most, the last hundred years). very nice.

uhoh, someone appears to have put his foot into it - maybe his mouth just got ahead of his brain? could happen! either way, i always look forward to your street style looks and linx! (fingers crossed this bit of rain is the last for a while). take care, steph

The Holly Rivers Show said...

hey! what do you know about the IOU project? i know you posted on it....they have been emailing me and the concept certainly sounds fantastic...was considering being one of their 'trunk hosts' you know much about it,,,its not some kind of pyramid scheme no??

Good Eye said...

I was JUST in the Castro last week! Still crazy after all these years. xoxo

Bonnie said...

Your glasses = Totally rad
(I think that is the correct adjective to use to describe them. Either way, they're hot.)
And your boobs look awesome in your shirt.
(Not hitting on you. This is just the way I compliment. You will learn this about me.)
You know how to rock the street style. I'm loving it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

WendyB said...

I feel the same way about the '80s in NYC.

Jill said...

What you wrote reminds me of living in San Diego in the early 90s. Thank you for this post! You are helping me remember some fun times in all the Hillcrest bars and clubs.

Unknown said...

LOVE the sunnies and bandanna! Oh and the bag! You look so fab. If I saw you in the street and didn't know you I would totally ask to take your picture.

Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

I love your caption about the Sartorialist. I am a little miffed with him. My feminist sensibilities tell me he is yet another man who wants to have authority over a women's forum and just DOESN'T GET IT. Maybe the reason we life outfit posts by bloggers is they look like us and not some airbrushed image that hurts our self-esteem.

Beautifully Invisible said...

I love it when you include us in your trips down memory lane. Your writing is so vivid it makes your readers feel like we are right there with you!

I LOVE your shades and I LOVE the Sartorialist comment. Perfection.

citizen rosebud said...

Thank you B and Laura on the Sartorialist comment. Yeah I am a bit disappointed with Scott Schuman. But I am not posting for him- I am posting to represent my age, and my style, and I post for my fellow personal style bloggers, and whoever is inspired by me and my community. <3