Friday, May 13, 2011

My Gingham Collar, Ice Cream + Links Ala Mode

Two Scoops of Tasty! The Citizen Made this Week's IFB Links Ala Mode.

Want a taste of Sac-town? Above you see a double scoop of Gunther's Ice Cream, local ice cream makers for for the past 70 years. Trust me, they've got the recipe down pat. I'm celebrating, having made another mention on IFB's Links Ala Mode. Ya know, I don't think I'll EVER feel blase about making that list- it is ALWAYS an honor! And this week, is NO exception, with Vahni of Grit & Glamour editing, and me joining a fantastic group of bloggers who created some incredible posts. Do check them out!

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Making a Wish and YOU are it.
Meanwhile why don't you all appreciate my newest addition to my vast gingham collection- it's a vintage long sleeve gingham shirt I recently got from This 'n That Thrift & Gift for only $3 bucks! What sold me was the long collar. I'm  bit of a sucker for a slightly outdated collar, but don't ask me why, because I just don't know. But I like how this collar adds the singular interest to an otherwise plain and very casual outfit. Tell me, do you like it? AND- How do you feel about gingham?

SAVAGE BLOGGING Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour
Savage Beauty. Don't tell me you haven't heard the paradoxically exquisite title of the Alexander McQueen exhibit currently mesmerizing the fashion world and the blogosphere. I mention it for two reasons. First, a couple bloggers in this week's roundup show you the exhibit in New York—as well as a satellite version in London—through their own lenses. So if you didn't know about it, check out their posts and resurrect your fashion cred.
Savage Blogging. Now that's my title, and while it was inspired by the McQueen exhibit, it also characterizes the approach many bloggers take, as well as entries this week that speak to the issue. Want to be haute stuff in the blog world, like The Sartorialist? Think it's all a numbers game? Well, I certainly hope not. That is savage blogging: when your objective ceases to be the art of it, the connection, and you are devoured by an obsession with your numbers. When you get so big that you forget you used to be a nobody until fellow bloggers read your blog and lifted you up. When you stop conversing, and simply become a talking head. With a camera. No thanks.
As blogging and social media mature, many are finally realizing what my mama told me years ago: You get more flies with honey. Don't be savage bloggers, loves. When you give and interact genuinely, your star will shine, I promise you. Your numbers will grow, and people won't write you any "open letters" to remind you that you've gotten a little too big for your britches. Honey, honeybuns. Got it?

Links à la Mode: May 12th

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The Holly Rivers Show said...

ice one birdie...and a veru pointy outdated coller always goes down well with the fashion turd! x

Pink Sun Drops said...

Found you from EBEW. Love the capture of that wish flower!

Love this post, too. Definitely food for thought. I've often thought the same thing and wonder how people stay genuinely involved when their numbers grow massively.

Señora Allnut said...

love your pic, love your outfit color combo and also love gingham!, it's a so summery fabric, classic and fresh, and love specially in red&white, delightful!, it make me think in old movies and summer holidays!

Unknown said...

Such a cute look Bella dear! It's perfect for Spring and eating ice cream :-)

annimal said...

Congrats on makin the linx again! They are lucky to have you! And your outfit is like a picnic you can wear, I wanna fill that tote with beer and hang out at the park in it, with you. I don't know how that would work, but still!

Sarah said...

You are so adorable!! Congrats on making the links list - they made a very good choice.

I have not been to Gunther's in a few years - it has been far too long!!

Gigham - I LOVE it but I do not own anything gigham (I am way too picky and it will take me FOREVER to find a piece I like) but I hope to someday!

Have a great weekend!!
Classroom Chic


Hey there lovely, too cool for school" you are with your adorable outfit. cute. It seems as if it could be the hottest day of the year with that sunny cone, and there you are still styling so nicely in gingham & buttoned up. I'm a fan of the collar as well. "This week's LAM was amazing!! Congrats dear!

Adrienne said...

I love gingham with a passion! It has such an innocent, retro feel to it.

Congrats on making the Links A La Mode again! Your blog is truly beautiful and well written, I love it :)

JTWisdom said...

Pretty look Bella!

Congratulations on your post being selected for Links a la mode.


mispapelicos said...

Congratulations my dear friend. You are an icecram yourself.
Love u.

Anupriya DG said...

Congratulations my dear dear Bella!!! You deserve the mention every single time! :)

I love that bag you're carrying.......& Gingham, now how can one NOT love that???

Ofelia said...

Ice cream, bubbles, gingham, red chucks and all around cuteness; you know how to live life!

Lisa-Marie said...

You can't really go wrong with gingham, denim and ice cream. ACE.

Jill said...

Congratulations on making the Links a la Mode list, so not surprised. You are the best! And yes to the ice cream. Have a great weekend.

Shybiker said...

I like your bold and personal style. It's refreshing.

WendyB said...

Dang, that's some good-looking ice cream!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

That ice cream looks delicious & you look delightful. Love love.

Barbara von Enger said...

Ah, Icecream - perfect to savour in warm weather - and I enjoyed the links you included too. xx


Yummy, that ice cream looks soooo good!

Congrats on making the list!

Unknown said...

Uh I just noticed that i was not following you - all this time and I was not following!!!

I LOVE gingham. Love it to bits. Have gingham pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, bows, bandannas...

You look gorgeous and I LOVE the pointy collar - and the ice cream.

Sarah xxx